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W Review updated:

Red flags everywhere with this purchase but the link came from a trusted site I use regularly. Running out the door to give a client a CAD design and needed PDF conversion ASAP to print the correct format.

In my haste I didn't take note that it was advertised as free, then at the site was offered a $2 per mo. fee for one yr. subscription (the cheapest of 3 options!) The big screw up was noticing an even more inflated fee of $57 totaled on the next page (biggest tell: This fee was hidden among some other text, the only info on the page presented in all-GREY type, clearly a sneaky maneuver.)

Long story short, the software was complete bunk, didn't work at all, and the customer service number hung up on me after I worked my way from 8th caller to around 3rd caller or so. Fine print in the purchase agreement says it is "As Is" service, therefore don't bank of getting a refund anyway.

Canceled my card and chalked it up as a relatively cheap lesson in online/credit card purchases. Will take
my time in the future and research prior to purchase, even when link comes from a trusted site (a tactic MBDETAILS has apparently used extensively.)


  • B
      Jan 03, 2010

    Yes, this company writes an email purporting to be from Adobe, then they sell you a product at $19.90 per year for 2 years, then stick a couple of extras on the bottom line which you don't see.
    Suddenly I''m charged $66.81 for the purchase and my bank informs me I cannot reverse it! I have been advised to dispute it..
    I feel very foolish and am wary of installing the software on my computer because it is not from Adobe at all.

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  • S
      Jun 27, 2011

    Yes, I have been taken in by exactly the same trick. TenODF Creator is nothing but an expensive scam. Be warned.

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