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Mini Bulldog puppy mill MBCOA, & Bulldog Exchange, Miniature Bulldog Club Of America are all a big SCAM! If you are considering purchasing a Miniature Bulldog, please call or email me first. This MBCOA puppy mill scam has been a HORROR for me!

I will be happy to share my mini bulldog horror story with you!

We purchased mini bulldog Peanut on September 10, 2008 from the website & from a lady named Lisa. This company goes by many alias names, Bulldog Exchange,,,, Miniature Bulldog Club of America, MBCOA and many others. Lisa told me that the miniature bulldog I bought Peanut was 100% healthy and all of their mini bulldogs puppies are 100% healthy. Every time we called Lisa, she would answer the phone or get right back with me. This completely changed after she got my money & I was standing in the airport with my mini bulldog.

I arrived at the airport prior to Peanuts' arrival. When our miniature Bulldog puppy finally arrived in his crate, I bent down to see him. I was horrified. He was covered in blood and puss. He was crying and shaking. I immediately picked him up and the flight attendant gasped when she saw him. She almost cried when she saw how disgusting the puss and blood coming from my mini bulldogs ear was.

I immediately called Lisa at www.minibulldogs.comto report this. She did not answer her phone. I left a message that this was an emergency and I was taking my little mini bulldog Peanut to the animal hospital. No response. I tried calling numerous times and never a response.

I went straight to the animal hospital. Our new miniature bulldog Peanut had a very bad ear infection that was so infected he screamed in pain when anyone even touched him. The puss and blood was dried and stuck in his hair. There were very deep cuts in the ear that has left permanent scars on Peanut's ear. Peanut also had Pyoderma that had to be treated. After doing a fecal exam, the vet said he had coccidia. The vet did not think that this happened from the time / The Bulldog Exchange shipped him in the morning to when I picked him up in the afternoon.

I called Lisa again and requested she call me back since the vet wanted to know what medication Peanut was taking already – no response. I faxed the bill and report to MBCOA The Bulldog Exchange and left more messages without response.

The mini bulldogs condition did not improve so we took him to a local vet. The vet could not believe how bad of a condition he was in. He found his ears had bilateral otitis externa – yeast and bacteria, pyoderma on head and neck, bilateral hip luxity. We had to take our other dog, Snickers, to the vet that day to make sure she did not contact coccidia or the pyoderma from or mini bulldog. Once again, I faxed the bill and report to the with no response.

On 10/2/08, mini buldog Peanut woke me up because he was screaming in agony. He would not eat the night before or drink and vomited several times and had diarrhea. I could tell he was in a lot of pain and took him to the vet again. They kept him in the hospital and let us pick him up later in the evening.

Once we got home my mini bulldog would not eat and had diarrhea and vomited numerous times. His temperature went to 104 degrees and he was shaking. He seemed disorientated and ran into things. I thought he was having seizures. A vet tech that lived in our neighborhood said we needed to take him to the hospital now.

We rushed to the animal hospital. At the hospital, the vet had to inject fluid under mini bulldog Peanut's skin to keep him from getting dehydrated. Lots of tests were performed. Hours later, we took him home. Peanut did not eat for days and we had to give him water from a dropper to get him to drink.

On 10/20/08, I took our miniature bulldog back to the vet because he had a bad cough. He was given medication. The vet thought it was kennel cough.

The past few months have been a nightmare. Mini Bulldog baby Peanut has suffered so much because of aka The Bulldog Exchange and the MBCOA breeders. Numerous attempts to reach the MBCOA people were ignored. We have a “GUARANTEE" on the puppy, but what good is it when they refuse to respond to you? We were told we were getting a 100% healthy mini bulldog puppy, when in fact; we received a very, very, sick low quality mini bulldog puppy. We have spent thousands of dollars over the last few months to keep our miniature bulldog Peanut alive.
I later find out that the MBCOA is NOT EVEN A REAL CLUB! They are just a group of family puppy mills trying to make money. The & MBCOA puppy mill people tell you not to buy a puppy that is not MBCOA registered because they want to own the market & get more sells! THE MBCOA IS NOT A REALLY CLUB! Buy a puppy the is AKC or ACA registered. You will have better chances of getting a good miniature English bulldog.

Bulldog lover
Orlando, Florida
Puppy mill ALERT Mini Bulldog puppy mill MBCOA, & Bulldog Exchange, Miniature Bulldog Club Of America

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  • Br
      Jan 28, 2009

    I read this complaint with interest as I'm in the market to purchase a minuature english bulldog pup. I am currently searching out reputable breeders. I have actually exchanged emails with Evan Quintavella, and red flags went up suggesting something about him was "slippery", to say the least - contact information on the website was not current, and he would not address some of the standard dog breeding questions that I presented to him. I subsequently happened upon this complaint and found it very interesting. I would like this person's phone number or email address in order to converse with her directly about steering me in the right direction re:reputable breeders of this breed of dog
    Bruce Greenwood [protected] or [protected]

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  • Dl
      Mar 21, 2009

    I purchased a bulldog from MBCOA as well. I loved that puppy. He slept in my arms. He sat by me. He was wonderful. I use all past tense verbs because I had to put him down a few months after his 1 year birthday. He had a kidney stone that required surgery. The vet could not believe a puppy of his age already had a stone. He came of of surgery and never returned to health. I have never been so hurt as when I had to put him down. Please- nobody use MBCOA. Don't visit the site, don't call them, and go somewhere else. The pictures are beautiful but the reality is heartbreaking. I often wonder how they sleep at night. Poor puppies.

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  • Le
      Jun 03, 2009

    Shortly before our Brindle Boxer died, we had purchased an English Bulldog from a local breeder in Upstate New York. We ended up loving the breed so much we did some online searches to find out more, and saw the adds for miniature bulldogs. English bulldogs are typically unable to breed naturally due to their breathing issues and unable to birth puppies without C-sections due to the head size of the puppies. The MBCOA site promoted the breed as being able to breed and birth naturally, and that seemed like a comparatively positive trait along with the fact that the dog would be small (no more than 30 pounds and no more than 12 inches in height). Sounds perfect, right? We reviewed pictures on the website and their was a male that had the same brindle coloring as our Boxer that passed. The breeder was a member of the MBCOA, so we felt more comfortable that there was an agency willing to back the breeder. The puppies would be ready for the new year (Jan 2006). We only received one other pic during the time we corresponded with the breeder, some story about not being able to upload pictures. I continually asked for the date of birth of the puppy, and she wouldn't call or email me back. Well, the puppy was flown to NY from Palm Beach International Airport mid-December and we found out that the puppy was born 11/1/05, only 6 weeks before. The puppy was skinny and looked much more like a Boxer than a Bulldog. Remember we had had both breeds, so we were familiar. The puppy came with food that had been taken off store shelves due to wheat contamination that was making dogs ill. I tried contacting the breeder to discuss transporting the puppy at 6 weeks of age, that was way too young to take him from his Mom - but she never responded. I tried contacting the MBCOA, and after 4 months of continuous e-mails they told me that the breeder had been removed from their approved list. Yet, I could still go on the website, and the breeder was still listed as a MBCOA member. That "miniature" bulldog is now grown. We've been fortunate that we've only had to have entropion surgery for him ($1200), and no other major issues. He weighs 65 pounds, 7 pounds more than our "standard" English Bulldog. He is the same height about 20 inches. His head and limbs are smaller than the standard but that is about it. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A MINIATURE BULLDOG. Your best bet is to adopt from English Bulldog rescue, there are a ton of dogs that need loving homes or are victims of trying to breed a smaller dog.

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  • Al
      Jul 17, 2009

    The Bulldog Exchange, Michelle Scharmer, Evan Quintavella, stacey krueger and all its fake affiliates are under investigation, have been shut down and as of Saturday one of the owners "Evan Quintavella" is potentially looking at felony charges for moving out of his forcelosed home and abandoning a starving bulldog in a cage with no access to food.

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  • Le
      Oct 17, 2011

    Update on MBCOA scammers Michelle & Evan. Michelle Scharmer now goes by Michelle Koning & the websites Michelles Bulldogs & mini blue bulldogs . After they were banned from selling Bulldogs in FL she relocated to CA. The Michelles Bulldogs site was started directly after the MBCOA scam invetegations started. Now she is selling what they call "rare color bulldogs" for much more $$$$$$$! Its very sad what greed can do. here is the video of Evan Quintavella & Michelle Scharmer/Koning in court: . The update I found on Evan is found here: . He was arrested 6 months ago April 2011 & charged with GRAND THEFT & BURGLARY .

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  •   Jan 11, 2012

    Good Morning Lees...
    It was brought to my attention last night that there is a complaint about me, and they sent me this link...
    You have me confused with someone else, I have Never been associated with MBOCA in any way, I have never lived in Florida and I do not know Evan or MichelleIt was brought to my attention last night that there is a complaint about me, and they sent me this link...
    You have me confused with someone else, I have Never been associated with MBOCA in any way, I have never lived in Florida and I do not know Evan or Michelle Scharmer !!!
    I live in California and have my entire life, do a back ground check on me if you would Please and you will find out very soon that you are mistaken, My Maiden name is Koning, I have never been Michelle Scharmer !!!
    I live in California and have my entire life, do a back ground check on me if you would Please and you will find out very soon that you are mistaken, My Maiden name is Koning, I have never been Scharmer !!!
    I have lived here ever sence I was born here in L.A, my previous addresses were 17174 Pomona Rincon rd. Chino Ca 91710, 4022 Mt Ingalls ct. Norco Ca, 92860, and my newest address 15878 Mission st, Hesperia Ca 92345, I moved here in 2004...
    I seen the vidio from the court and you don't get a very good look at the girl in the vidio and I can see how you may have mistaken her for me... we do look similar !!! But that is not me ... I l so Bought the domain name "Mini Blue Bulldogs" a few month's ago, but this is a coincidence, I breed Black and Blue Bulldog's, and they are smaller that a regular Bulldog so I thought I would advertise them as mini because all my customers tell me they are so small... This is the only reason I bought the name, but with the trouble there is with the name I am deleting it, and the web sight !! I do not want to be associated with any wrong doings !!! You are more than welcome to call me so we can get this whole thing straightened out asap [protected]
    but PLEASE delete my name from being associated with this complaint .

    Thank You, Michelle

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  •   Jan 11, 2012

    This is Michelle Scsarmer !!


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  •   Jan 12, 2012

    That picture above is me, Michelle Koning, NOT Michelle Scharmer, they took it off my Facebook, these pic's I attached are of Michelle Scharmer, I got them off the News video... this is the crazy lady associated with Evan... it would be a COLD DAY in HELL before I would ever have anything to do with Evan ... Disgusting !!

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