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MB Pink Home Ent / Unauthorized E-check

Haddam, CT, United States Review updated:
Unauthorized charge for $39.95 was put thru my business acct.. they had the WRONG name on the check, and the check no. was 339, 190 sheesh.. when you call these people they claim to just be the "payment processor" for another group called "Payment Sytems" for access to an adult website.. when questioned about WHO the money went to they refuse to provide any info. SCAM

Had to file a police report and then an affidavit of forged endorsement with my bank.


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  1st of Dec, 2008
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There're two other complaints on this (not counting the individual comments) - here is a copy paste of what I said in another complaint:

I posted on the Complaints Board site as well. I updated my post, but on the off chance you don't check back, I thought I'd send this to you. Please let me know if this is true for you, as well.

It's come to my attention that possibly the loose link, if you will, came from Mary Kay. I sold Mary Kay a few years ago, and it was under my maiden name. Is that true of anyone else (that you sold Mary Kay)? Please feel free to email me - amvictory@gmail.com

0 minutes ago by Anne [send email]
Update: I'm on the phone with Mary Kay's Legal Department. If you were a member of Mary Kay, I urge you to contact them, as they actually have the size to possibly do something about it. Their legal department's number is:
(972) 687-5777.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Update: From another site - a lady responded to me and said that she did NOT sell Mary Kay, but sold something else. BUT - she used ProPay to process credit cards for them. I, too, used ProPay to process my Mary Kay sales. So... it's a level further in, possibly.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Had $29.95 fraudulently charged to my checking account on 11/26/2008 by MB Pink Home Ent. Service without my knowledge or consent. When called the 1-800 number, was told it was for an "adult Website". The person who answered the phone was helpful and said the website membership would be cancelled and charges reversed "in a couple of days". However, this person "clammed-up" when I tried to confirm the fraudulent address that was on my bank statement (I've never lived in Griffin, GA) and I mentioned taking legal action. I have no idea how these people got my bank account number - but it's very alarming. Am filing a fraud report with my bank and the FTC.
  2nd of Dec, 2008
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Update: Just got off the phone with MK Legal. Propay is next. Mary Kay did suggest that Blizzard Entertainment was the common denominator. I don't think it is - Blizzard is the company that does World of Warcraft. When I first talked to the lady, she said
"Oh, I don't think it's us. We have over 700, 000 consultants."
so when she said that about Blizzard, I said
"Well, they have over 7 MILLION subscribers. Furthermore, they process the payment as Visa transaction. They don't have, and never have had, my account number or routing number."
Her: "But the card's linked to your account."
Me: "But they CREATED A CHECK."

Grrr. Anyway, please keep me posted if you hear or find out anything.
  5th of Dec, 2008
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I just got off the phone with the FBI. He advised me to go to

and fill out a report. He also took my information down, so it will be entered into the system. If enough people report this, the FBI will open an investigation.

They *are* very interested in this, they just cannot act without sufficient cause, and $40.00 isn't sufficient. HOWEVER - if they see a pattern, or indication that this is wide-spread, they WILL act. So please take a few moments to fill out a report. Please note in your report, also, if you sold any home products (Mary Kay, for instance) or used ProPay.


PS: Feel free to email me if you have more information - amvictory@gmail.com

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