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Recently on my Verizon Wireless bill, I received unknown charges. I called Verizon and they said these charges were from 3rd parties who send pin numbers by texting through a 5 digit number. Once the pin number is sent, the subscription or contract is started and that's when the charges start. I believe it's $9.99 a month. However, I told the person I was speaking to and now you that I did not accept this contract nor confirm it. I have not used any of the services that this company provides whatsoever and I have not even heard of it. I would like for you to reverse or refund these charges because I did not subscribe to this company at all and I don't plan on subscribing in the future. Verizon didn't do anything. They just told me to contact MB Mobile Interactive and said they would be able to reverse the charges. When I called MB Mobile Interactive on this number [protected], they said that Verizon handles all the refunds. Apparently, Verizon is the only phone company that they do business with that handles the refunds on their own. So they couldn't do it for me. He also informed me that they have some sort of contract or partnership with Verizon as well as other mobile companies. So if you're trying to get a refund good luck because it looks like Verizon is getting a cut of the money from this scam.

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  • Mi
      Sep 05, 2009

    I have the same problem with MB Mobile Interactive and am a T-Mobile subscriber. I have stopped them from charging future monthly charges, however I called the phone number they have listed and am unable to reach a human being who can address the charges they put on my bill. It is obviously an unreputable company, does anybody have a good email for them?

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  • Ma
      Sep 08, 2009

    The same thing has hit our Verizon Wireless bill. How did you get refund. Call # and it indicates you have to Email them. I emailed at: [protected] it didn't reject so... we will see 9/8/09

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  • Wu
      Sep 23, 2009

    Call the number [protected] and press 4. After the automated message just wait on the line and you will be connected to an operator.

    I too have been hit with 7 months of this garbage on my bills. I have asked MB for a refund and they say they have a "no refund" policy but they will have a supervisor call me back. If that doesn't work I will speak to Verizon about a refund. If that fails I will dispute 9.99 a month for the past 7 months on my credit card (I autopay my bills with my credit card).

    Keep me informed about your progress and I will do the same!

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  • Sp
      Oct 16, 2009
    Mb Mobile Interactive - Unauthorized Charges
    Mb Mobile Interactive
    United States

    Thank you everyone for the information on what to do.
    People watch out for other company names like Predico Telecom & Opera Telecom (Mb Mobile Interactive). There's no live person to speak of all automated ( what the F ) is that. I'm contacting the BBB & the Attorney Generals Office and who ever else I need.


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  • Sp
      Oct 16, 2009

    Sorry for the wrong product complaint, actual complaint is for Unauthorized Charges

    on my cell phone. Does anyone have any information on how to get a refund from them.

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  • Fa
      Oct 20, 2009

    this is total scam, I agree with everyone on this, they start charging you 9.99 and when you call them you never talk to a live person, and verizon is totally in it with them, this is complete scam on their parts, they take advantage of people all the time. This is fraud that should stop, it's a shame that these things go on all the time.

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  • Mb
      Nov 02, 2009

    I had the same problem with this company. I called TMobile, and they reversed the charges, and blocked them from all my phone lines. They gave me a number that I dialed [protected]) I checked to see if either of my numbers are subscribers, and they didn't have any record. I called TMobile back, and they said that I won't be having any more issues with this company, and fully reversed all charges. I check my online statement weekly for this kind of BS, and I would strongly encourage everyone to do this, to ensure you catch these kinds of scams early and not have to fight with your provider. TMobile is good about it, but it seems that Verizon is not.

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  • Pi
      Nov 14, 2009

    Well...It is so true...these mobile companies such as Verizion and others are bed company with these ^&%$#(*& that are ripping us off with there charges. I called my mobile company, T-Mobile and they too recommended that I call the MB Interactive company...well, you got it human voice...all inteactive prompts or "goodbye". I will not have them get away with these charges...Please sent this information to all of your friends who will send it to their friends...they want marketing...well here it is. I intend to get my money back!

    Pissed off - Michigan

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  • Jv
      Nov 14, 2009

    I got scammed too. verizon did nothing, but they did block all premium additions once i got rid of the subscription. call [protected] and you can make sure your account is closed before you block the subscription else the block will fail.

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  • Jo
      Nov 15, 2009

    I have tried using the email addr: [protected]

    but my mail server is rejecting it, does anyone have some other option.

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  • Nu
      Nov 18, 2009

    I believe this is absurd!!! I have been scammed too. I do not even know for how long as my husband was paying the bills and now I am. I apparently somehow inadvertantly got it through facebook. I have just e-mailed them and I am waiting on a response. I had two different charges on my account. One through MB mobile and one through another company send me mobile it was called. I called them [protected] and I am supposedly getting a reimbursement check sent in the mail for $40. It will supposedly take 2-3 weeks and I called 11/12 so we will see.

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  • Wi
      Nov 23, 2009

    I called them at [protected] to complain -- they informed me that of just how their scam works (I had two 9.99 charges on my bill Opera telecom and media ringnroock) they told me that I could get a 4.50 refund and that was all they could do. When I informed them that I worked in a law office and would gladly file complaints with the AG's office they agreed to refund the total amount but stated it would need to be by check and it would take seven to ten days.

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  • Hg
      Dec 09, 2009


    MB Mobile Interactive is a complete scam. For me, it was imbedded in a jobs listing website. You had to go through several web pages, supplying personal information, thinking it was required for the job site, then to receive a text message explaining about the ring tone subscription. But by then it was too late. I was already signed up and the charges started. I have AT&T and they removed the charges and put a block on future purchases through my cell phone without giving a pin number first. Everyone who has a cell phone should have this blocking service. If everyone did, it would put these people out of business. So spread the word, “PURCHASE BLOCKING SERVICE ON ALL CELL PHONES”. And I agree with other posts that Verizon is somehow part of this scam. Just look at their history with regards to how they deal with the public.

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  • Pa
      Dec 30, 2009

    I have an account with Verizon too. They gave me a text number to call, 75714, and in the body of the text write CANCEL. I didn't receive a reply, so I called the number listed here and did get through to an actual person. She assured me the account was cancelled as of today, but she couldn't send me a written or texted confirmation; they don't do that. She gave me her name and "team number" if I had any future problems.
    My 15 year old stepson has NO IDEA how this charge came to be on my Verizon bill, but at least I caught it after the first month and am only out the $9.99.
    I hope you have luck cancelling out of this scam too.

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  • Pa
      Dec 30, 2009

    Total rip the hell off and they took total advantage of my 15 year old son... !!! I think they should have legal action taken out toward them !!!

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  • Pb
      Jan 29, 2010

    I too have charges on my wireless bill for some bogus ringtones that I did not subscribe to. I actually did reach a person who told me that they do not do refunds & that I was out the $9.99 that was billed to my account. I asked to speak to a supervisor & was told she would tell me the exact same thing. I insisted on speaking to a supervisor for my own peace of mind & was told by "Michelle" that said she was emailing her supervisor & I would be receving a call back shortly. An hour & a half went by with no call back so I thought I 'd try the email thing. That's when I found all these complaints & found out that I was not alone.
    I did reach a very nice representstive from my wireless company (AT&T) who told me he could remove the charges & he has been getting bombarded with calls just like mine on a daily basis. It seems like something need to be done to stop all this crap from affecting innocent people. I also was one of the people that started getting charges after being on facebook.

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  • I2
      Mar 15, 2010

    I just got charged 6 times from these types of spams. I called T-Mobile and they reversed all the charges and put a block on my phone and my family members so I would not get these in the future. The T-Mobile rep said if you do not respond to the text message you initially receive with "STOP" then they charge your account. I am going to contact my state representative and ask for help. I think this is fraud--we can stop telemarketers from calling but can't stop random text messages charging your cell phone. Something is wrong.

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  • Jf
      Oct 03, 2010

    I totally agree with the above complaints. I'm not sure what to do though, none of the above texts really says that they were effective. If anyone has more info I'd greatly appreciate more input.


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  • Ar
      Feb 07, 2011

    The same thing that happened to the above people happened to me...there has to be more that we can do. This is robbery with out a gun.

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