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Mayfair Hotel - Los Angeles / Review: The Mayfair Hotel in Los Angeles Is a Terrible and Horrible Place!!!

1 1256 7th StreetLos Angeles, CA, United States
Contact information:
Phone: (213) 484-9789

TRAVELERS BEWARE: "The Mayfair Hotel is a 'tourist trap'!"


Watch out for the fake travelers' reviews placed by management on sites like These bogus reviews read like they were cut and pasted from ads and promos. No one actually talks like that. Also, watch out for the pictures on their web site. These photos must have been taken long ago. Finally, the quality of the rooms vary dramatically.

My advice: Avoid this place like the plague! It should be named, "The Pre-historic Mayfair Hotel."

I was very disappointed and felt cheated/swindled. The only nice thing about the hotel was the lobby; it is very spacious, with high ceilings. But, the service and the rooms are really abysmal and atrocious. The workers are apathetic.

The rooms vary tremendously in size and quality. You might get a clean, neat, and sparsely furnished/decorated room, or one that is very dingy, shoddy and dismal looking. The furniture looks several decades old. The mattresses are extremely uncomfortable.

Too often, the showers expectantly become either scalding hot or freezing cold, due to faulty water pressure. For the room, there really is only primitive climate control. The hotel centrally provides EITHER heat OR water-cooled "a/c." And even that system is only functional during certain months of the year; otherwise, you get only a fan blowing stale air. So, you will probably not get the comfort of heat or a/c that you really expect or need.

You will most certainly share your room with bedbugs and cockroaches! When you first enter your room, you will definitely notice the disgusting smell of mold and mildew. The bathrooms are very, very tiny; my closets at home are larger.

The area is close to downtown L.A., but it is a very SCARY and DANGEROUS neighborhood. There are many criminal types and homeless folks lurking about that hotel; so, be extra careful and vigilant—especially after dark! I felt like I was in the old zombie movie "Night of the Living Dead!"

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