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Mayan Resorts / Time Share sales scam

1 Mexico Review updated:

I was also ripped off. But instead of complaining and reading other complaints how do we "FIX" this. I'm not a lawyer but there must be a way to put a stop to this obvious scam company. They use lies and deception to make their sales and grossly misrepresent their deals. I would be willing to join others in some type of class action suit against these thieves. Is there anyone out there with the no-how to get this done? I would take much pleasure in shutting them down. Someone PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • St
      20th of Jan, 2008
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    My wife and I visited the Grupo Mayan Palace resort in Puerto Penasco Mexico in October of 2007. We were given a timeshare presentation, kept there for six hours and when we were finally told the presentation was over and we would be taken back to our car, two other men who were suppose to be checking us out of the presentation told us they could give us the same deal we were just offered for a fraction of the cost but good for ten years only. They told us we would receive ten years worth of vacation certificates good anywhere in the world with thousands of destinations to choose from. All we were interested in was coming back to Puerto Penasco each year. He told us we could use the vacation certificates to do that if we wanted. The transaction was charged to a Bank of America credit card, which the salesman opened for us. We received the vacation certificates by mail a few weeks later and everything the salesman told us was a lie. The certificates all expired with in five years instead of the ten that was promised and none of the certificates can be used in Puerto Penasco (we looked it up on the Great Vacations Club website), which is the only place we wanted to vacation at. We contacted GVC and Bank of America who seems to be working with these theives, to no avail. The Grupo Mayan Palace and Great Vacations Club are Cheats, Theives and Liars and we were defrauded by them. Bank of America has been given proof of their scam and refuses to credit back the fraudulent charge.

  • Ma
      17th of Jul, 2008
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    In searching the 'net, I found that Boies, Schiller & Flexner LLP has filed a class action suit against the Mayan Resorts. However, it appears that HSI is not named in the suit.

    I don't know much about class action suits, but would sure like to join if it covers HSI--thinking--it covers Mayan's selling practices--huum. Any comments?

  • Gi
      17th of Nov, 2008
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    I just want to say how LUCKY i am for not buying those useless timeshares. My fiancee and I were in Rocky Point this past weekend, and had the misfortune of running into those Mayan Palace Reps. who pretty much told us the same bs they have told everyone (if u read above and beyond). We said no like 20 times, and they would not let us leave. Not only that, but since the first time we met they wanted to keep our credit cards, and run a credit application for a loan to purchase the time shares. After saying no, then they started of by saying things like " this is a one time opportunity, " "think about your children's future, because you will have xtra money for them to go to college", "U are going to regret this"...and on...just guilt trips. So, after 5 hours we were very upset and just stood up and walked out of the place. Luckily there were a couple of vans heading back to the city so we just went with them. At first is does sound like a good investment to make, but the more they talk, and the more they make it sound really too good, then you start to wonder. Just dont do it. There are certainly much better things to invest on than timeshares. Im just glad i found this page, i hope there could be some way to stop these criminals.

  • Go
      30th of Jun, 2009
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    Hi Diane and Cristina,
    We would really appreciate if you give us the opportunity to contact you and clarify your issues with our firm, as the personnel for Gonzalez & Gonzalez is highly trained and supervised; and we can assure you that none of our customers have been attacked in any way.
    Looking through the files and data base of our company we do not show any record under the name of ¨Diane Jersey¨ and/or ¨Cristine ----¨, who are the people complaining and defaming against the firm.
    After 15 years of experience we knew some day this will happen, being conscious of this we back up ourselves by recording every incoming and outgoing telephone call.
    In case of the existence of a recorded conversation with you under another name, we would like to expose it to the internet community to prove the opposite of the complaints made on June 30th against Gonzalez & Gonzalez to discard the fact that the post was exposed by our competitors or from the timeshare developers full of frustration by our advocacy and success on the resolution of the cases handled at Gonzalez & Gonzalez.
    Also, Gonzalez and Gonzalez has never charged such exaggerated retainer fees, we have a long list of satisfied customers who support our firm, with identifications to validate their existence and able to show their satisfaction by the success in the resolution of their cases.
    Gonzalez & Gonzalez counts with ample evidence, to show the Internet community and guarantee that there is no existence of this type of situation in our firm.
    Jose Gonzalez

  • Jg
      5th of May, 2010
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  • So
      25th of Jun, 2013
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    The resort itself seems very nice, the sales pitch, however, is pure high-pressure sales. The sales people are snakes, their only motive is greed. They have no concern for what is ethical and will “brow beat” you to make their money. It was not worth the free breakfast and $50.00 dinner coupon. When I finally got up to walk away from the table, Luis got in my face and began to argue with me, telling me I couldn’t leave until he said the presentation was over. I continued to walk away as I raised my voice at him. You would think that that would be the end of it, but they will continue to pass you to the next person for a “survey” which turns into another sales pitch…these people are shameless. If you agree to attend the 90 minute presentation you will regret it. Search online for Mayan Palace Timeshare Scams for other “horror stories”. I recommend you to read this article about Mayan Palace:

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