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Maxwell Preschool Academy / Horrible place

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Horrible place for young children! If I can get my story out about how bad this place is and I save one parent from the guilt of leaving their kid in a place that doesn't follow the regulations set by the State of Arizona then I'll feel alot better. I have 2 daughters that I had enrolled in MPA in Gold Canyon (ages 11 months and 30 months). My older daughter (from what I can tell from the whopping 3 days and 14 hours total they spent in that dive) had fun. My 11 month old came out of it with a doctor's visit, x-ray, and an out of place elbow. The last day I had dropped my kids off I was told by the director to leave my 11 month old in the 1-2 year old room (I later did my research and found out that infants must be separated from children 12 months of age or older--according to State regulations). I felt uneasy when I left her since the older kids swarmed her like vultures when I sat her on the ground. I instantly picked her up and handed her to the teacher in the room (who was normally the infant room teacher). The director told me that she would only be in there for a 'little bit' while they waited for a teacher who was running late. I later found out that my daughter was in that room for two and a half hours. I know accidents happen and that the other kids in that room don't know any better. BUT the facility is not accepting responsibility for anything and actually had the AUDACITY to accuse me that I didn't get her help until two days later (which I thought she was getting sick like her older sister since they both had fevers the next day--plus I mean really she can't tell me where she hurts or what happened so it really makes it hard to diagnose your own child) and that I had something to do with it. Shame on the directors for not accepting blame for breaking the regulations designed to help safeguard our kids. Plus if I did it then why wouldn't I put them back in their care instead of searching out better quality care? I feel bad for other parents in this area who have to put their kids here since there really aren't a whole lot of options. This place feeds you a lot of bull when you tour the facility to draw you in. Don't trust them. They truly do not care about the welfare of your child. I requested my deposit back (I know I signed the paperwork) but thought maybe since they caused this and a parent doesn't feel their child is safe in their care then they would give it back to me. I was verbally berated by the director and she was telling me that I never took my kid to the doctor (I have receipts and notes!) and that I actually told them when I came to gather their things that she didn't go to the doctor. The only thing the director said to me as I was leaving the facility was Hi Sweetie I like your car. They left messages on my cell the day I took her to the doctor but I didn't call them back since they are the ones that caused this and I didn't have to communicate with a bunch of strangers with complete disregard to the care of my child. These people will lie to make themselves look better and I have no doubt in my mind that they will 'doctor' their paperwork to make it look as if they were in the right.

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  • Te
      3rd of Jun, 2009
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    The Maxwell Preschool Academy in Fountain Hills, has employees that drink alcohol and do drugs during lunch hours and then go back to take care of our children. they also transport our children in the bus to and from school while under the influence. Is this the type of people we want caring for our children. I feel they should random drug test of their employees regularly.

  • Br
      14th of Dec, 2009
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    I agree, they all get high on their breaks. I know because I used to work there.

  • Lo
      25th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Ya, me too. I used to work there. Worst place I ever worked. Not only did they cheat me out of my last 2 weeks of pay and I had to file a complaint with the DOL, it was hell working there and hence why I quit. I'd never go back to a place like that. I've worked at other daycares, and it wasn't a picnic, but at least they somewhat treated the employees and kids with some respect. I guess I was a little too educated to work there so they knew I would leave very soon and decided to treat me like dirt.

  • Ch
      13th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    i take my child to the one in chandler on stapley drive and for the past two times on the way to there he didnt want to go in and today he threw a fit usually this is a red flag. I paid two weeks in advance, this week i will be looking into lapatiete academy as i took my son there before and he learned more in 6 mos than in a whole year of school.

  • Mo
      24th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    We have our kids there and the place is fantastic, teachers extremely responsible and caring, and no one - I repeat, NO ONE - appears under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is nonsense and sounds like the payback of vindictive people out to tarnish their reputation. If these accusations were viable, I'd assume you'd take them to the authorities, and not an internet message board. I mean seriously guys... really? You bring accusations like these to a message board where it is one sided and you can hide behind your computer screen? If there's a problem, call authorities. I have a feeling all this is amounts to bruised egos.

  • Ha
      17th of Jan, 2014
    0 Votes

    My son is three almost four has been going to the Maxwell on Dobson For three years. They are wonderful they have an open door policy and love the kids and seem so happy to be at work I would not pick any where else for my child

  • Ro
      25th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    I recently had my four kids there to full-time to after school I want to let you know the pre-K teacher inappropriately touched my daughter three times under her clothes I can file a police report and she's being investigated right now along with that for the three months of living hell that my children went there my kids were hit pushed and called names almost every day by three kids there one of which the mother works there and my kids numerously complain to her and she refused to do anything except turn her head to the problem the director there Nikki anytime we would come to her with our concerns or complaints we were met with total disregard an attitude she is the most unprofessional person I have ever dealt with in my entire life and I find it extremely hard to except that that woman runs at school but it goes to show why that's school is the way it is. They feed you a really good line about the quality first education and how well the kids in a rack to get along and it's the biggest load of crap I've ever seen in my life and I live in fountain Hills and I cannot believe that school is representing this town if I can ever reach one person out there I will have accomplished something because the school is horrible and what they do there is a illegal. They have no morals and they have no self-respect for themselves by the way they behave and I cannot believe the owner has it been down there and straighten the place up with as many complaints as I have read online and I was shamed of myself for not doing the research and believing in the trust of other people and what they say never again what I happen not at the cost of my kids happiness and lives.

  • Pr
      29th of Oct, 2016
    0 Votes

    All accusations are completely false from Giardina. She did however go to police and absolutely everything was closed without even speaking with the teacher or school about her accusations. All this lady does is go from business to business trying to point fingers. Maybe you should look at yourself Robyn...

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