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Maximum Recovery Solutions / Illegal Threats

1 PA, United States Review updated:

I received a threatening voicemail on my answering machine advising they know what I did in Mercer County and If I don't respond within 24 hours, further action will be taken to come get me. When I called back to see what they were referring to, I was greeted by a Mrs. Taylor who was not at all friendly. She was very vague in her explanation of her message stating I passed a "hot check" to a company called She gave a date of November 2007 and advised that she was sending a sheriff to serve me at my place of employment, unless I wanted to settle the matter with her over the phone. I am a criminal justice student, and I advised I needed to do a little research of my own. She of course was not understanding. When I did my research and found that she had no criminal case against me, if anything it was a civil action. I contacted them and their tone changed. They wanted me to western union them a payment, again I found that a bit conspicuous and decided against that. I am waiting for a physical address to make any payments to this company.

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  • Da
      28th of Apr, 2009
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    Mr. Cory Haywood called me on my cell phone several times. I didnt know what the threatening message was referring to when he was looking for my husband. In the message he used the words WE WILL USE FURTHER ACTION AGAINST YOU. Mr Haywood didnt know at the time that I work for a collection agency and those threats are big violations of the FDCPA. I called to see what this was in regards to and it was about a debt on a car that my husband purchased before we got married. Mr Haywood again violated because I advised him that we live in the state of Arizona and by law he isn't alowed to speak to a debtors spouse without the debtors permission. My Haywood continued with his threats of garnishing MINE and MY husbands wages. Which again is a big violation. I agreed to set up a settlement to get this resolved because i didnt want this to reflect negative towards my husbands credit. I set up paymnts and I spicificly asked for a letter showing the settlement amount and the account number for the file. Instead i got a vague letter saying $286.99 will come out of my checking account. No settlment amount, no original credit, no account number, no contact number. Your company is shady! I stopped payment of the check and withdrew all my funds in that account. Luckily, I saved the message with the threats and will take them to an atty if i dont get the proper letter i requested and I will file for a law suit. My name is dalia Kajbo and my husbands name is david kajbo.

  • Is
      10th of Jun, 2009
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    I just now received a threatening message from Mr. Roy, at ext 3420. I know that you guys have violated every single FDCPA regulation there is Mr Roy. You cannot sue me, or threaten a law suit at all, you do not have the power to do so. I have had several phone calls from MRSI that were extremely threatening and vulgar. Not only that but what you people are threatening me with, a payday loan, is not mine at all, nor even legitimate. I never took out a payday loan in my life, and this was supposedly in 2005. I asked to have this supposed litigation, and paperwork regarding this issue sent to my lawyer and they would not agree to it, and I was hung up on. Now I ask you, how in the world do you take out a payday loan online, and sign for it online.
    Of course they couldn't get their stories straight. The first ten people that called me said I did this online, then ten other people said I went to the place of business to take it out. I looked for this so called payday loan place where I used to live in CT, and it does not exist. If this was a factual case and there was validity to it, why wouldn't I have been served papers in CT years ago. You will not be getting a red cent from me. EVER.

  • Ap
      3rd of Jul, 2009
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    This company cannot seek legal action against anyone. They are calling regarding payday loans, most of the consumer information is incorrect, for which they use directories to obtain new info. Most of the people employed her are FELONS. You are providing your personal info to people who have been convicted of everything from hot checks to drugs to murder. The files they work are 5 years old or older and they cannot enforce incarceration or criminal charges. THINK...if were at all possible the city or county officials in your area would contact you. The office is located at :

    Maximum Recovery Solutions Inc
    10101 Harwin Dr Ste 200, Houston, TX 77036-1738

    the company occupies about 4 offices worth of space in an old rundown building, the employees share the building restroom facilities, and they are in one locked section and the owners and culprits of the organization are on the other side of the wall.

    If you are requesting records from will never get them because they don't have any. There is absolutely NO WAY TO VERIFY THESE DEBTS!!! so ask yourself how are they collecting on balances that can't be verified? For those of you who are in fact aware of a debt owed, they will settle at the lowest possible amount, so make sure you are playing hardball because they are going to play it with you. If they say you owe $500 tell them you are willing to settle the debt for $100 and hang up. In a day or too they will accept your offer. Again my sincerest apologies to anyone who is being contacted by this company. Linda Moore - African American female in her 50's - addicted to prescription cough syrup, normally comes to work under the influence, and she has a criminal background. Mr. Haywood uses threats of wage garnishment - he has no authority to do so. These people are only making $6-8 dollars an hour, do you think the company is going to invest in wage garnishing. The owners drive a Hummer most of the time, so if you see one in the parking lot, demand to speak with them. Mr. Laws threatens with the embarrassment of being arrested on your job, however these people have no clue of where you work nor can they arrest you or serve you ANY documents at your place of employment because it is illegal and mainly because there are no records. I could go on. Do not fall victim to this company, in the event that you recieve a call tell them to go ahead and foward the file to your county and you will handle it from there. They will try to threaten you with fees and court costs...its all HOGWASH!!!

  • Re
      17th of Jul, 2009
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    I used to work there- its true... they use scare tactis to try to get people to pay. Yes it is true most of the employees are criminals and get paid only $8.00 an hour. Sometimes they tell people they are lawyers or representing the lawyer named Zed Illionsky... I never saw him and no paper work the company has uses his name. I think its made up!! The system they use can track your neighbors and employer... which they will continue to harrass until they talk to you personally. They say you will possibly garnish your wages or further action will possibly happen... they teach their employees it is okay to say this as long as you say possibly. They lie to people and never tell the debters that their account is over 4 or 7 years old... most accounts are like 10 year old accounts that the owner Tony Diaz propbably purchases for a low cost and harrasses people to no end. Most of the employees use Alias names. They tell their employees that you have to make a collect a certain amount each month and in 3 months if you dont- you are fired. This company needs to be closed and sued!! They recently moved to a different location, still in houston but off of I-10 and the beltway- behind HCC. I wish everyone would report this company.

  • Mr
      20th of Jul, 2009
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    I was an employee of theirs, last day fell on July 15th, and to say the least I am not angry at them. I am upset because the day I was dis represented by the company was a day that would've reprimanded my stay there. Nonetheless the company, based on previous reviews, seems to me to have improved from when some of its past employees have construed. They do now train their collectors, there is an on-site attorney I have met him personally; Mr. "Zev Ilionsky"; (of which has to be there, because you cannot have a collections agency without one) and as far as pay, this is a production based business. Make the production and your pay will reflect it. Some of us may fall shy, but some of us will rise and will be rewarded for such accomplishments. Me personally I fell slightly shy my last month there, and was dismembered due to that. However now I have been given the experience, and can use what I had collected (knowledge wise) for everyday life, to make better decisions. This is a real Collections Agency, they follow the fdcpa as closely as they possibly can. Now there are the occasional rouges that do things their own way, but those people weed themselves out, and usually go from agency to agency. Some of the accounts are old, however most of the new business that is "obtained" is well within the year, or 2 years/ fully covered in the statutes. As well if a debtor asks the open date we have to tell them if we have it. As far as alias' I only know of 2-3 people that used alias' however after I am no longer affiliated with the company I believe that all agencies should use alias' for protection of identity. That is all I have to say about that.

    Thank you,

    Cameron Roy

  • Mt
      3rd of Feb, 2010
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    I received a call from a Mr Albright from Maximum Recovery requesting I go find "my neighbor" and tell her to call him right away, that it was very important. I asked how he got my number and he stated directory assistance had given him my number as a neighbor of this person he was looking for. I am no one's errand boy and resent the audacity of anyone who thinks he can call my home to chase someone I don't even know down for him. I don't give a rats ### who they think they are, they better not call me again.

    Thanks, MK

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