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When I first went to Maxi Cars they were honestly, seemingly nice. They made the process real easy. Now I believe it's only because I had a good relationship with my financial Institution. Well I bought this vehicle two weeks ago and since I've had the car I been stuck on the side of the road twice the first time a hose busted and I over heated, I call Alberto, and he tells me well you bought a used car, WoW so I bring the car to there lot early the next Morning I'm waiting and one of his staff members tells me he won't be here until 12 noon. I had to have my car fixed I have to take my baby to school. So I go to the guy across the street from there dealership. Matrix and they took care of me and I paid out of my pocket and I only had the car for three day's when Alberto told me any problems bring it back. Yeah Right!!

So a day later the oil hose bust so now I was leaking oil and having to drive like that I call him and he tells me to bring it. Well, while driving on the highway the car gets stuck in fifth gear and the shifter is dangling, While trying to exit I almost get hit by to cars. So when I pull over to the side of the road to call Alberto a guy named Jorge picks up at this point I am beside myself, Jorge tells me if you keep yelling at me Ill hang up Which I understood so I calmed down, they did not offer to tow my car for me I had to pay for that myself, And that was just to bring to my house. Now I had to get towed to there car lot another 100 bucks. So they did right and fixed the car and charged me for the oil WoW!!

Two day's later I hear a clicking sound then it turns into a thumping noise at this point no more phone calls on my lunch break I bring the car to them. There mechanic takes a ride with me and he tells me it's the motor mount I said okay no big deal again they want me to pay for the part mind you I haven't had the car two weeks, So he tells me to call him at 4 o'clock, I call and he tells me to come to the lot because he can't explain it to me over the phone, I get there and Jorge and there so called mechanic tells me it's the transmission and that it is not there problem they blamed me and the tow truck company for the transmission breaking and then when I went to speak to Jorge he tells me I'm not dealing with this to talk to Alberto who will be back sometime next week. These guy's are real smooth crooks please don't do business with them I have never been so bamboozooled in my life. Maxi Cars is the definition of a two bit thief company...

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      5th of May, 2012

    I live in Kansas City and purchased a Nissan 350Z off EBay. I had a trucking company pick the car up and bring it here...the car was not even close to how it was represented on EBay. The locking lugs had been removed so the car was missing a lug nut on each wheel(they were in the EBay photos) Check engine light on and the car was running very rough. Radiator cap was missing, Window washer fluid cap was missing, The car had been painted on everywhere except the roof and it has been over 30 days and I still don't have my title. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!

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