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(Advanced Wellness Research, new name NETALAB):
5/16/09- order toothpaste for $4.99
5/31/09- charged $78.93
6/15/09-charged $83.92 -I see these charges only at this point and cancel. I did not authorize these charges. Am told I will be refunded all charges and I send back the package.

July nothing- no Packages, still think I'm going to get refund.

8/14/09- charged $83.92 and sent package.

I call and find out that the $4.99 toothpaste was the trial offer and that they can only refund the first $83.92 charge partially (minus shipping and handling). Then I have to argue with them that I should get the full refund on the charge on 8/14 because they sent me that 2 months AFTER I canceled. They were going to charge me shipping and handling. In four months I have $251.76 on my credit card when all I wanted was $4.99 toothpaste. I'll have lost $101.65 plus the time it took me to call numerous times plus all the aches from having to deal with this bad company.

Wondering if I will actually get the refund this time or if I will get another pack in a month or two...after having canceled what seems like 2 times now.

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