Max Perduesliders

M Nov 20, 2017

I went to white castle on N. National Rd, Columbus.Indiana today @ 12:10 pm.
We ordered 2 slider combos, buy one get one coupon.
when we got our orders, 4 sliders, was wet and grey inside sandwich, actually all 8 were.the lady said that they were done and the grey colored bun was just water and onions. I took them up to counter for(4) new or refund. the lady said I had to wait till she got an order ready.she then returned, holding my receipt, she got by one get one so that meant no refund or one of my party did without lunch.Is this the way you run your business.?we rarely come in for this reason. When you first opened your restraint, we went there to eat.the sliders had cooked onions on them and they looked gray in color.we are pretty upset over this matter.

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