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Max Colon and / $353 Unauthorized charges to my account

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My wife was recently duped into trying a 15 day free trial of this crap from Immediately upon receiving it I commented to her that I thought the stuff was a scam. After all, its bottling lacks full ingredients lists, dosing instructions, contradictions, or any other information one might expect on such a product. She repackaged the product, marked canceled on the invoice and returned the products to Max Colon. This has been SOP for years. But Max Colon has taken a business process that we have all seen (try free, return at no charge) and put just enough wrinkle to it to trap the un-suspecting customer.

She failed to realize that to cancel the product she needed an RM. She doesn't even know what an RMA is. This little fact is hidden out of view on their web page. So, she received a couple other shipments to which she returned in like fashion. Slow to pay attention sometimes, I finally noted that something strange was going on.

Upon inspecting our bank account, I found that Max Colon had billed my account for $353.xx for 4 months supply of the product. Mind you, this billing occurred between the dates Apr 8 thru May 8, a period of just 31 days. Good thing I am not on a fixed income, they could have really harmed me with this.

Max Colon has refunded $83 to date and only offers to return $40 more if I just forget the rest. That is not happening.

So, what could someone do if they had decent writing skills and were to use them after Googling for terms like "Consumer Watch", "Consumer Beware", "Better Business Bureau, and etc? That is what brought me here. And it is going to take me many more places before I am finished. I even have the crazy idea of writing CBS 60 Minutes.

If they won't return what is mine then I will see to it that their lost revenue far exceeds my loss.

One would think that a company with such an unethical business practice would have given some thought to damage control.

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  • Bi
      17th of May, 2009
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    Oh boy I bet you crapped your pants when you saw that charge appear on your I guess, in a way, it worked :-/

  • Tb
      17th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    tblocker again.
    binder has it right, I was not amused by the bill. However, binder is amusing!

    I have an update, but first I want it noted that I did not mean to say that I had received a single bill for 353.xx; there were actually 4 billings spanning 31 days. The sum of these was 353. 4/08, 4/13, 4/27, 5/8 . I still have no idea why these clowns billed me some many times so quickly (I assume they didn't want my wife to run out of product).

    Also, I checked my bank account right after posting this and discovered that all 4 billings had been credited to may account, except that shipping was withheld from the first billing.

    Oddly, I got an email from Max Colon that was sent after the bills were credited, claiming that the company did not intend to make any refunds (they had refunded about $83) and that they had (originally) only billed me for 2 shipments, not 4. My wife verified in person with US Bank that we had been billed 4 times. I don't know why company says 2 times and bank says 4.

    The good news is that I got my money back. In case your interested, it happened because I got mad and I made a lot of noise. To make noise, use google searches to find targets for the noise. Also, it appears that Oprah and Rachael Ray either endorse these clowns or endorse the product. Either way, such endorsements would be very valuable to the company. Also note that it is just a matter of time before some news agency reports on the snake oil industry. I had thought about trying to help that happen. That would be fun to see.

    In closing, many people have been screwed by the company's unusual twist to the "try free and return for full refund" business model. Some a messed up by how 15 days are measured. My wife was tripped up by the idea of an RMA. The company knows this is tripping people, yet they continue with the tricky BS. That tells you much about this company's values. They haven't any. But I am sure that this snake in the grass does not want attention called to itself.

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