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Hi, I was doing my shopping as normal and tonight 30th November I grabbed a few too many things and had paid for them at the register, I said to the lady serving myself I should have got a trolley, she said there is one just there, which I then walked 3 feet to grab the trolley from the front and drag it towards myself and as I did so I turned away and it caught the back of my heel, I know this could possibly classed as my fault but the damage the trolley caused to my Achilles area and back of ankle is outrageous, I am not very happy as the trolleys should be fitted with some kind of safety guard to prevent such injuries, please get back to me on this issue as I am highly concerned this could happen to someone else, in particular children or the elderly.

Yours Sincerely
Maurice Blackman

Maurice Blackman
Maurice Blackman

Nov 30, 2016

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