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Mattress Warehouse advertises its "10% price match, good for one year." We have spent 6 weeks since buying a mattress from them in January, trying to get them to honor their policy, since we soon found the same mattress for much less money. Their customer service mgr has never responded to our calls, or to a certified letter. After finally going to the Md. Better Business Bureau we did get a partial refund, but they continue to stone-wall on the full amount due us. They are totally unresponsive to customers. Be wary.

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  • Li
      10th of Feb, 2010
    Mattress - Terrible company
    Select Comfort
    United States

    We purchased our Select Comfort mattress 3 years ago. No complaints until it started to lose air. Called customer service number and was treated terribly! Very sarcastic on the phone and not willing to help whatsoever. I asked if I could pay to have someone come out and check the problem. They said that they have no one that comes out - we would have to figure out the problem on our own. Unbelieveable in this day and age to be treated this way after purchasing a $3000.00 mattress. They should not be allowed to sell anything! There is no customer service with this company. You better be able to figure it our on your own...

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  • Mo
      6th of Mar, 2010
    Mattress - Worst customer service and deceitful selling tactics
    Mattress Land
    United States

    I have purchased a mattress in Mattress land in Oakland Park, FL and the sales person guaranteed to me that my mattress has 10 years warranty, and 30 days guarantee, when I got the mattress, in a day I realized something was wrong with it, when I asked to get the mattress back, store manager by the name Joe said he would replace the mattress, and if in a couple months if I did not like the mattress, he will replace it again, but he said he can not replace me a mattress with warranty, so the sales person lied and sold me a mattress without warranty, now in a few months my mattress seem to sink and when I came to ask for a replacement as I was promised, the manager first said he will give me a credit then he changed his mind and told me that I am stuck with the mattress and if I do not leave the store, he will call a police. I have never been treated so poorly or experienced so deceitful selling tactics.

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  • Co
      24th of Nov, 2012
    Mattress - Did Not Receive Said They Lost It
    United States

    Order on 11/8/12 Was suppose to be delivered on 11/23/12 Did Not show Up. Said they lost it how in the world could you lose 150lbs mattress.Had To reorder It Another Time to get it for same price then they will put the money back on my card. When You call them you can not understand them because you are calling india. i ask to speak to someone who can speak real English they hang up on you... If sears Don't do something better on they will be out of business. It Sure Is Not The Sears I Grew Up With...

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  • Se
      29th of Nov, 2012

    Please accept our sincere apologies for the level of customer service you have experienced with your mattress order. I am Liz and I am a member of the Sears Social Media Support Team. I understand how frustrating it is to order a mattress and be told the item would be delivered on 11/23/2017. Even more, I can see how disappointing it is to be told the mattress was lost and receive the level of customer service when you called us for help. At your convenience, please contact our office via email at [protected] so you don’t have to be upset by this any longer. In the email, please provide a contact number and the phone number the mattress was purchased under (if different than the contact phone number) and we will call you directly. In addition, please include your Screen name (Coolwaters) in the email for reference to your issue. Again, we’re sorry for any trouble we have caused and we hope to talk to you soon.
    Thank you,
    Liz R.
    Social Media Moderator
    Social Media Media Support

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  • Di
      23rd of Feb, 2013
    Mattress - Sleep Country Canada won't give me my $ back
    Sleep country Canada

    Looking for mattress for my 2 year old going to a big boy bed. It was a challenge to shop with my wife and 2 year old together, so I went on my own, and called my wife before deciding a mattress. I chose one, paid for it, and arranged pickup. The next day my wife went and checked the mattress out and she did not approve. She looked at the other options at the store, but did not see anything that was appropriate or good value. I spoke with the salesperson and said that we would have cancel our purchase and get my bank card credited for the amount that I had paid the night before. I was told that was not possible, and that the head office in Toronto would have to receive a return request, and eventually mail out a cheque to our house, at some point. In the mean time, we never received any product or service, and we will not have our money until Sleep Country sees fit to process a cheque.
    We have a young family, and will be buying several beds in the next 15 years, but none at Sleep Country. We will spread the word as well.

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  • Fo
      23rd of Feb, 2013

    There shouldn't have been any problem shopping with your wife and son. When my kids were that age my husband and I never had any problems taking them shopping. As far as that goes, I didn't have trouble taking them when I was alone either. You can either carry them or keep them in a stroller.

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  • Ca
      17th of Jun, 2014
    Mattress - Two defective mattresses, but won't return our money
    Rooms to Go
    United States

    We bought a full size mattress on March 5, 2017. It was a Grandioso. We slept on it for a couple of months until it became uncomfortable and we called to inquire about it. RTG sent a man to see if it were defective and he determined that it was.

    We were allowed to change to a brand name, a Simmons Pontevedra on May 13, 2017. We have slept on it since then and it too has become too uncomfortable for a good night's sleep.

    We called again to see if it were defective. The RTG man decided that it too was defective. Today we called to see if we could get our money back, since we have had two defective mattresses in a row.

    We are an old couple, ages 76 and 78, who weight 120 lbs. and 170 lbs. The trouble is not our weight.

    We asked today if we couldn't just get our money back ($709.02) but the local manager in Lubbock, Jessica Salinas, refused to give our money back. She said that we would have to receive another Simmons Pontevedra to try and that if it was defective that we could get our money back then.

    Is this your (RTG's) policy? We have been stung twice with defective mattresses and are tired of fighting about it.

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  • Mk
      17th of Jun, 2014

    ANY mattress I have ever bought has the same warranty.
    The warranty is for free replacement within a limited time of purchase.
    None of them give a money back guarantee.
    Even if you take a third mattress, I don't think they will return the money.

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