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Okay, I really don't get what this guy is complaining about! Does being in debt suck? Yes! Is getting out of it supposed to be some kind of fairy tale or something? Maybe I am just a little more realistic about things. I mean, I did my homework on these people and on debt settlement in general. Nothing happens over night, that is for sure. I get phone calls and letters from my creditors and it took a full year of my being in the program until my first account was settled. But it was settled for 45% of what I originally owed on it! I am not gonna lie, it can be tough and it takes a while to get things done but they do get done. I am saving money and getting out of debt. The people at the firm are great. The customer service reps are always ready to explain things and answer question and my settlement negotiator got me an amazing settlement and I know she will do her best to get me great deals on the rest of my accounts, too. My whole reason for writing this complaint: to complain about the people who didn't read their contracts and are instead complaining about a good company for not performing "miracles" that they never said they could produce in the first place. People need to take responsibility for their own ignorance! Matthews Law Firm is great and I would personally recommend them to anyone who needs to obtain their services.

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