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Matro PCS / Billing & Payment

1 FL, United States

Metro PCS has to be the most confusing and frustrating company to deal with EVER.
I made a payment on my phone that had been deactivated. The payment was accepted with the phone number, and the website said to wait 2 hours for the service to be restored, which I found perfectly reasonable. After 2 hours, the phone was still not activated. I attempted to go online and confirm the payment had been accepted. The system now states that the number is invalid ** the same number that they accepted a $40 payment on a couple of hours ago, mind you **.
As it was Saturday evening, I was not able to speak to a rep, so I called back on Monday. The rep was polite, but stated that they could not find the phone number, as the phone had been deactivated for over 60 days (I later found out that I would have to "activate" a new number, since it was over the 60-day rule). When I asked why the system accepted the payment if the phone number was no longer active, I got no answer, except they would have to open a research case on it, and it could take up to 4 weeks to be resolved, and was given a case number.
Five days later, I called to check the status of the case, and was advisedthat the payment had been declined by my bank as an NSF. I explained that not only had the payment been confirmed by their system, but that it had already cleared my bank, so there was no way it was "declined". I called my bank and confirmed that the amount had actually been debited from my account, which it had.
I called Metro PCS back, and spoke with a different rep, and she stated that the charges had been returned, and I should see them in 7-10 business days.
My problems are this: 1. Why was the payment accepted for a "inactive" account, which the exact same system that accepted the payment (and provided confirmation of it) could not verify the number or the payment a couple of hours later? 2. Why am I given completely bogus information that my payment was returned for NSF, when in fact it had been paid, posted, and cleared my bank?

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