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Matrix Laser Technologies - Medpro Lasers Utah / Please come forward if you had any bad dealings with this company or owners

1 Park City, UT, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 1-435-649-6836

MAtrix Laser Technologies as an agent of Medpro, more specifically Bob Martin and Karen Hawk said that they would repair our laser hair removal handpiece and instead, stopped returning our phone calls and emails, charged our credit card for $7, 500 and after 6 six weks, sent us a "repaired" laser hand piece that did not work. They stole our money and our laser handpiece. They lied to us repeatedly, initially stating that they would send us a loaner handpiece until our handpiece was repaired and never sent a loaner handpiece or repaired our handpiece.

We are in the process of filing criminal and civil complaints. DO NOT DO BUSINESS with MedPro, Matrix Laser Technologies, Bob Martin or Karen HAwk.

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  • Se
      10th of Aug, 2009
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    I was very stupid to not check their credentials or even online before I sent them my lasers that they were supposed to send me 18k. I had a lawsuit against me for the full remaining cost of the equipment and they told me they would give me 18k of that and I paid the rest to get the lawsuit settled with the bank They have ruined my life and they don't care. I trusted them and have spent the last year of my life in constant stress over this and consequently am out of 18k plus my equipment plus lawyer fees. I knew something was wrong but it was too late by then and it has been a living hell since then. I am at a loss as to what to do next.
    I had the same interaction with Bob Martin adn Justin WIlliams as everyone else seems to have had.

  • Ca
      29th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wanted to follow up on this complaint that I posted several months ago. Since posting the original complaint, Karen Hawk contacted me and worked diligently to come to an equitable solution. While she was not able to have our handpiece repaired as originally promised, she did go above and beyond to secure us a loaner handpiece while we awaited a handpiece from the laser manufacturer. She also fully refunded our money and went out of her way to try to help us in getting the best deal possible from the laser manufacturer.

    In response to the the original post that I made, I have attempted to take the post down from this site, however, I have not been able to do so. I have sent several emails to the site administrators and have not had any communication back. I jsut wanted to set the record straight that initially we had a bad experience, but ultimately, we were able to work out our grievance.

  • Se
      16th of Mar, 2010
    0 Votes

    this is a follow up to the seattle complaint I wrote:
    Mike Moreno, who doesn't work for medpro/matrix, but who I originally bought used equiptment and I guess buys lasers from them and sells them helped me immensely. He paid the 18k which I was them able to add to what I had in savings and settle an impending lawsuit. It was a reallybad time for me as I was trying so hard to get this settled and was hitting my head against the wall, I don't know if it was just really bad communication with Matrix. They couldn't get the title from bank as they wouldn't release it till they got the money but yet the bank really wasn't working with me for the longest time, and thenw when I did finally get them to settle on a price it was hard to get the money from matrix they promised me(I was forgiven about 10k of the remaining loan balance after having already paid already quite a bit in the lease price and of course the interest, but that was my fault for making poor decision in my lease with bank). But I get that they are a business and they have to be smart and I get they needed assurance of title first. I should not have written such an emotional email, and I totally know that their can be vindictive people who then spread stuff on the web.
    anyway Mike was a life saver and got it settled asap once he heard my dilemna. I was an emotional mess, and he didn't have to help as it really had nothing to do with him but he did, and I think he is an upstanding guy and wouldn't have dealings with matrix if he had any concerns.

  • Cy
      27th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    This guy Justin Williams has ripped off so many people I can't understand why he isn't in prison. He has stolen millions of dollars and ruined lives. Everyone who has been ripped by this guy needs to file a complaint with the Division of Securities and Exchange. And don't let him rebutt and threaten you if you leave a complaint about him on this website. He is on his way to prison.

  • Ri
      13th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Hello everyone! My name is Javier Farber and recently involved in bussines with Mike Moreno and his staff. I bought a smoothbeam device, wich was intended for personal use, not comercial.
    As this laser was just for me, to treat a condition i have. I had to ask every single friendo to contribute, as this was ver expensieve for me. I explained this to Mike, and he got me a laser for half the price other people was asking me (8k for a 2002 smoothbeam with 149.000 shots). I then asked him if i could send a friend, before he shipped the machine, so i could get sure the machine was working fine, cause i couldn´t afford to send it back to the states if it came broken, wich he agreed. My friend went to visit him, and not only he tried the laser on him, he even opened it up and showed my friend the inside, so i could be more sure about the status of the product.
    After paying, and sending the machine, i came across this site. Guys, i had a nervous breakdown, i said that´s it...i just threw away my life savings and more...
    The machine arrived yesterday. Not only it´s working absolutely wonderfull, but even Mike sent some cryogen tubes absolutely free, wich wheren´t involved in the transaction. Now, come on, does a thief do something like that?Don´t think so.
    I´m not saying that the above claims didn´t happen...It´s bussines and sometimes things go wrong just because, but i think, and this is an absolutely personal opinion, that´s just some aleatory cases in the thousands of operations this people do.
    This is intended for the people who are in the position i was, not knowing who to trust. Well, Mike is for sure a trustable guy, so is his staff. I´d rate my experience with Mike and Medpro Lasers or Sentient with a perfect 10.

    I´d be checking this site in case anyone wants to ask me anything. Mike helped me in a way he can´t even imagine, and i´ll be forever gratefull.

  • Bi
      27th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    justin williams = bob martin

  • Re
      5th of Dec, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I bought a used Sciton Profile from Medpro Laser/Mike Moreno. The BBL hand piece did not work when it arrived, and it did not have one wavelength that was promised. The BBL hand piece was sent to Sciton and repaired, but Moreno did not pay for it. He said he would, but he lied to me and I had to pay sciton for this repair before they would work on my machine again. These guys are rip offs!!! Do not buy anything from them. They are worse than used car salesmen. You can not trust anything Mike Moreno tells you.

  • Tb
      6th of Mar, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Hi all, I cannot comment for Mike Moreno, however I have had a recent transaction with Justin Williams that I would like to express. At first, reading the comments above made me weary of Justin, however, he has gone above and beyond in order to for me and my medspa business to prosper and grow, including allowing me to make payments on 2 IPL units (which he did not have to do). Without his help, I would not have been able to open my business, especially in this economy. The first unit he sent me did not work, however, turns out I did not know how to clear the unit of air bubbles, which caused it give error messages. I was convinced that it was not working (just turning on and giving me error messages). Justin not only sent the unit to me on his own dime, but arranged to have it shipped back at his cost. He sent me another unit (again at his own cost), and worked with me on the phone to get it up and running. I understand that issues and misunderstanding arise, and I'm sure that not all transactions are as smooth as we would like them to be, and I am not discounting anybody's experiences. From my point of view and interaction with Justin, he has been a stand up guy who has been true to his word. I cannot thank Justin enough for all of his help. Thank you! I don't mind sharing my personal experiences to anyone who would like to talk to me about it.

  • Ez
      17th of Dec, 2012
    0 Votes

    In the process of purchasing a VBeam from Mike Moreno, and am getting very nervous. I have paid, and he agreed to deliver the machine once the full payment had gone through. Full payment has gone through a month a go, and still no signs of shipping. Buyer be very aware! Will post follow up, but will soon be putting a claim through the credit card company.

  • Dr
      22nd of Feb, 2013
    0 Votes

    You get what you pay for...If you are committed to this business, buy the laser directly from the manufacturer so there are no issues. And stick to 2-3 machines max that will last at least 10 years. For extra piece of mind buy a service contract but I think they are a rip off. A company I am having excellent service with is Focus Medical and the owner John Lee - in Connecticut. Good luck. -NJ Physician...

  • Dr
      2nd of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH MIKE MORENO OR JUSTIN WILLIAMS. They will take your money, send you a broken laser, claim it was damaged in shipping. Promise you repairs, change their numbers and ignore your calls. Try anyone else or buy direct from a doctor who is selling used. These people are a nightmare!

  • Pa
      18th of May, 2014
    0 Votes

    This is all very interesting as I have had business with both of these gentlemen MIKE MORENO and JUSTIN who at that time told me his name was John.
    I paid #43, 000, to mike for ZEO he advertised and a hydra facial took 3years, the hydra facial has never worked for a day and I just stopped talking about it.the different stories before he sent anything ranged from the its has been shipped to the warehouse was flooded and they had to move everything and he is trying to locate the machine.when he finally sent a crate to me, trusting him I shipped the equipment abroad only to open the crate and find a broken laser and no handpiece.when I confronted him he said the handpiece must have been stolen from my end, I told him the crate was opened in my presence, but not knowing anything about them I gave him the benefit of doubt.I paid him another $12, 000 to send me the handpiece.he still sent a very old handpiece.needless to say that when I tried to install the machine. it didn't work.I paid over $3500 to ship the system back to the US .Till date the unit he gave me functions at below par, but I stopped fighting as you cannot win with those guys.----That was when he introduced me to JOHN OR JUSTIN.his partner and tech.He tool $40, 000 from me to sell me a Palomar 300 starlux and a visia unit.needless to say that it took 4 months for him to deliver anything and when I got it and shipped it abroad it was junk.I brought it back to the US at another cost, he kept promising FEDEX was coming to pick it up. I got tired, I had no known address for him, he stopped picking his calls .I gave up and sent it to a palomar tech who charged me $12, 000 to do the repairs.the visia we have not been able to use for one day .Its not working and when I contacted cane field they wouldnt deal with me as they think the system was I am stuck with an empty box.I will not advice anybody not to deal with them but do your research, now Justin is promising to pay me but he doesn't know when.

  • Ne
      4th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    Ok these guys charged me $40, 000 for an unusable laser hair removal machine! I got a second hand laser machine that didn't actually work so I shipped the machine back but they never took my phone calls again! It's been 2 years that I'm trying to get my money back and with help my lawyer I was able to get $12, 500 back but they still need to give me the rest. It's very hard to reach these people. they never take phone calls or answer emails since they are fraud. Don't buy anything from them otherwise you'll lose your money and never get it back!!!

  • Ne
      5th of Jun, 2014
    0 Votes

    They charged me $40, 000 for a broken laser machine and then claimed that it's happened during shipment! This company is a big fraud!!! There are so many other victims as well!!! it's been now 2 years that I'm trying to get money back but they never take phone calls and answer you!! My lawyer will sue them in near future and I'm ready to spend money on lawyers since I hate feeling of being stupid. I'm even thinking of a petition in Texas and New Jersey against them!!!

    Here I tell you what exactly happened!

    I was looking for a second hand laser hair removal so I found Medpro website. They had a refurbished laser hair removal machine for $40, 000. I emailed them and contacted them through my assistant and then they sent me a contract, so I signed it. According to our contract I could return the machine 3 days after receiving.

    I received the machine which was broken and totally useless so I contacted Medpro and asked them if I can return them based on our agreement so they said there's no problem and they'll return my money which I wired completely before I get the machine.

    So that was basically the last time I could talk to them. After that they ignored my calls and just said they don't have money and will pay me as soon as they get money so I waited since January 2012 then I found they are a big fraud company and there are so many other victims! My lawyer could get $12, 500 but they still need to pay $27, 500 and I'll do everything to make them pay my money!!

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