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Good Afternoon,

Today just over £44 was taken automatically from my account for the automatic renewal of my match subscription.

I called to see if I could claw back the money as I'm a single parent who didn't realise the renewal was automatic.

What I'm actually here to complain about though, is the customer service I was met with when I called.

I spoke to someone who was anything but helpful. No, I couldn't get a refund, and that match tell their customers on every page that the renewal is automatic. When I asked to speak to someone else, I was denied this. The woman just kept repeating the same sentence to me over and over and over and over and over again. As though I was totally stupid.

She did nothing to help me, to sympathise with me, to aid me in getting a resolution. She frustrated me so much, I became abusuve. Not like me at all.
She then started talking about how ' the Lord will judge'. I'm serious! Now, being a non-believer, I found this highly offensive.

So match, well done! Your customer service has truly driven me away. No, I'll not get my money back, you guys and your awful staff have ensured that, but I'll NEVER USE MATCH AGAIN. I'll tell everyone I know of my experience, and I'll be sharing the experience far and wide through social media.

You are a terrible company. Hang your heads in shame.

May 11, 2017
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  • Uf
      11th of May, 2017

    Same thing here. That is terrible. See my discussion with the customer service. Very disappointed about them. I don't know why their stealing behavior from customers cannot be stopped.
    Kenny at Los Angeles

    2017-5-11 Live Assistance “Match"
    Danica D.: Hi, my name is Danica D.. Please give me a moment to review your account and I'll be right with you.
    Me: I did not use the service since 2015 but the bill still charged me until recently I noticed. I even forgot my username already. You can check my membership log in via email and you will know that I haven't used that for years. Please cancel my membership and refund me from 2015 since I never got billing notice from you. Thanks.
    Danica D.: I'd be happy to help you with that. While I'm looking into that for you, do you mind telling me how your experience on the site has been so far?
    Me: I like your website, but I found my GF. Therefore, I never used that since 2015 then. Thanks.
    Danica D.: First of all, congratulations! We are thrilled to hear the good news. We work hard to help our members find what you have found.
    Danica D.: I'm sorry that you weren't aware of our auto-renewal policy. For convenience and to make sure your subscription benefits are never inadvertently lost, all Match subscriptions automatically renew by default when the subscription period is done. This also protects you from rate increases by locking in your rate for as long as you keep your subscription current.
    Danica D.: And it shows that your automatic renewal is still active that's why your account was billed again.
    Danica D.: Per your request, I've turned off the automatic renewal. You will still be able to utilize the subscriber-only features until the end date of your current subscription on 08/01/2017.
    Me: Renew by default is fine. However, I never got a billing notice from that. That makes customers not be able to continue or cancel it until someday we notice that. Danica D.: Automatic renewal is included on the policy that you agreed on.
    Me: But after the renew, there should be a notice mail, which I never got that.
    Danica D.: I understand that there is no email notification because you agreed on the terms of use.
    Me: For people not using that anymore, we won't be able to know that we are still charged for the service until we notice that someday.
    Danica D.: I understand. But I can assure you now that your account will not be billed again.
    Me: Let me chat with your supervisor if you cannot refund me for what I did not use.
    Danica D.: I understand your frustration. However, at this time our system limits anyone, myself and management included, from issuing a refund.

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