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For those of you who do not already know, (Nicola) owns It's a classic, double-edged con. Nicola uses Academia Research to bring in eager (yet uninformed) writers of whom she will take advantage down the road, and then she uses MasterPapers to suck in naive clients to whom she delivers plagiarized material. It's a neverending cycle of fraud. claims that their address is in the Empire State Building. That is a bold-faced lie. All she does is use to provide a FAKE business address. She doesn't even have an office! Her business address is nothing more than an empty mailbox! In fact, when another member of put Nicola on the spot, Nicola couldn't even name the coffee shops that are across the street from the Empire State Building! Why? Because she's never even been to New York, let alone run a business there! She's Ukrainian. She's crooked--plain and simple.

Oh, I just looked at the home page again, and guess what? Nicola removed the deceitful Empire State Building address because I, and others, exposed it as fraudulent. Unfortunately for her, she was too stupid to remove that fake address from her other pages. So I've taken a full-screen picture of the "About Us" page at so that everyone can still view her fraudulent address:

Writers, stay away from "Academia Research." Students, stay away from MasterPapers.

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  • Jo
      22nd of May, 2009

    I used this site to try and get help with my admissions essay. I am already a good writer, but I wanted some "top-notch" advice to supplement my ideas. Needless to say, I was SHOCKED at the paper I paid 100 dollars for. It looked like it was written by someone in middle school with poor English skills. I feel so stupid for trusting the site, god the site even has grammatical errors (Quality Proved by Experience) its proven!!! Ugh I thought I was done making stupid decisions like this. w.e, don't use this service.

    -5 Votes
  • Do
      23rd of Feb, 2010

    The company is absolute garbage. I disputed the charge with my credit card company and got the money back. Now Masterpapers is threatening to publish it and notify my University. Too bad I graduated over 7 years ago.

    -6 Votes
  • An
      26th of Feb, 2010

    To User2746 and readers,

    I recall placing an order basically a PhD level dissertation in Strategic Management from five months ago. I have to say that I was very satisfied with the services that I received as a customer and the way they communicated with me was very encouraging. I was always contacted by the administrator and I would classify them as a bunch of organized master minds. I do not recall any funky accents and being an American citizen myself, I would not doubt that my paper was done by some European people! I do not think that this is the complete truth as I got an A from my dissertation. I would like to investigate on this matter as this is a very serious and misleading allegation.


    Miss A.R.

    PS: Students, you better contact and judge for yourselves. Do not let yourself be blindfolded by some mere words.

    +4 Votes
  • As
      28th of Jun, 2010

    I have order a MA Dissertation with and i paid $1300 for 2 months. and then after 2 months they needed another 3 weeks to complete it . After when i got the feedback i FAILED because the work wasnt that good. They said i have to pay mroe money to re do my work . i said i didnt want any work but my money back and they said only 30% they will give me. They promise and promise and promise all the way and at the end what i got was nothing . YOU NEVER TRUST THEM. I spent my money without any postive from them.

    BE CAREFULL WITH masterpaper

    -4 Votes
  • An
      29th of Jul, 2010

    Dear Customer,
    If you have placed an order with us, especially at a Master Level, then you need to know that we have different policies in treating such a VIP customer. We have offered a personal order supervisor to help you throughout the writing process however, we never received any mails from you complaining either about the deadline or the refund value. We would like to have all the printouts of the mails and the conversations you had with your writer and us directly. In short, we implore you to let us have your order number. This is confirmed that we are to re-opening this case and investigations would be carried out. We do value the contribution of each and every of our customers and we would take the decision only after your order number is made public.
    If the viewers who read our terms and conditions carefully, they would notice that we do have certain guarantees and we live to our commitments we make on-line. Our promises are one thing which makes 75% of our customers come back to us, for we are the most reliable ones in this market.
    Do contact us on [protected] as soon as you can and we would look forward to help you getting the correct justifications and perhaps a refund.

    +3 Votes
  • Sn
      25th of Aug, 2010

    Some of you guys commenting here are i think sales people for; why would someone bother to write complaint with out expriencing bad service and why would representative address the issue when someone post complaint?

    ..sniff sniff... i smell something BAD!

    -4 Votes
  • Na
      17th of Sep, 2010

    The comment by Angel25 is certainly for - they signed. But I think it's not too bad if they care about their reputation and do not take false accusations - Angel25 asked the author of the complaint who they are to help them, no? For me it means that things are not too bad. I actually bought an essay from them 2 years ago and though I normally don't do such things, at that time it helped. Can't tell anything bad about them.

    +4 Votes
  • Us
      20th of Sep, 2010

    You can try this website: they refund if they could not do the order and they also refund if you failed.

    -3 Votes
  • Ip
      15th of Oct, 2010

    I ordered a 5-8 page paper from The deadline was 5 days.
    After not hearing from anyone for 3 days, I started to get anxious, so I contacted them.
    They told me that they had not found anyone to write my paper but assured it would be done by the deadline.
    The next day (the day before the deadline) I contacted them to check on the status. They told me that they've found a writer and that I would indeed have my paper by the deadline.
    On the final day, boiling down to the final hours, I contacted them for a status update. They told me
    that the writer needed more time!?!? I explained that this is NOT what I paid for and it's certainly NOT what they've promised me. I was so furious known that it was 10pm the night before my paper was due and no paper was on my hand. I demanded a refund, and although it took a lot of nagging at them I finally got my refund, yet was stuck into having to cram a paper in hours before it was due. Luckily I pulled it off and got an "A", but it was a lesson learned. Hard work pays off, don't take the easy way out. If it sounds too good to be true, chances are, it probably is.

    -4 Votes
  • Mi
      24th of Nov, 2010

    I recently ordered - 10 page paper from with deadline of 14 days
    Writer they found said they will have started something and will show me within few days
    Few days turned out to be 10 + days and nothing was written when writer gave up resigned just asked for more time and more money - More time was given but with no result and now they just keep on asking for "more money"
    I am still asking for refund which has not been made yet.
    DO NOT TRUST "75% of our customers come back to us"

    -4 Votes
  • Sm
      29th of Dec, 2010

    Based in my own experience, the situations differ. Sometimes it's the customer who haven't provided the info requested by the author and thought that the title of the work is enough to complete the paper, sometimes it's the writer, who took more projects than he/she can handle. There are lots of complaints about almost every company working in the writing industry, but there are complaints about companies working in all industries. We tend to believe the complaints, but what is one complaint against hundreds of other projects completed successfully? The thing is that happy students won't browse web for websites where they could leave their comments, they are just happy with their papers and further actions related to this paper would make no sense. I have ordered several papers from MasterPapers over the last few years, my friends have been working with the other writing services companies...who cares? The main thing is that we have more time for things that we love to do! I had the same writer work on all my papers so I can hardly judge about the rest of them, but I was pretty happy with the results. I can't say that masterpapers is the best company simply because I haven't tried the others, but they are definitely not bad

    +5 Votes
  • Mi
      20th of Apr, 2011

    I have been scammed and am in the middle of filing a lawsuit against them. I've been trying to reach an administrator and have been given the run around. I paid 159 dollars for a paper that a middle school student could have written better. So in turn I was told that I would be given credit towards my next order. Now the representatives are trying to make me pay for there mistake.
    If you an issue you will not be put through to management, the reps will hang up on you. I don't think they are based in the USA. When I asked they could not answer a simple question.
    Stay away!!! Please don't let them take your money. Shame on THEM! Filthy liars. Hope law enforcement arrests you scammers. I have PROOF if you guys want to see it please contact me. emails, the paper, everything! I have a paper trail.

    -6 Votes
  • Jo
      29th of Apr, 2011

    I totally agree that websites like,, and expert writing are fraud companies. Scam!!!
    I would definitely recommend relating to Engineering, Science and Management subjects only. I got 2 distinctions in 2 courseworks, following their help/feedbacks.

    -4 Votes
  • Sy
      30th of May, 2011

    Well, to tell the truth, you lads can trust NO ONE here. It is the internet, isn't it? I can lie all I want and make people believe what I want them to. But that's not the main thing. Everyday you eat hot-dogs, but i've never heard anyone complain about the american 7% beef in the sausage. That's quite a scam if you ask me, but I see no one shouting "Give us our meat, ya bas!"
    For every neap here who got unlucky enough to fail with this service, I bet there's a thousand content with it. They just don't waste their time posting [censored] in the net.

    Not to be empty. I've never bought anything like this, but like the famous song goes "I know a fella who says it's true". So there's my lad Geordie. And HE says everything was alright with the research report he ordered. Don't believe me? Then why believe everyone else here?

    Be wise.

    +3 Votes
  • Li
      31st of May, 2011

    This is ###!
    I used for my dissertation theses a month ago, and everything's fine. You just gotta be polite and submit detailed requirements.
    Some of you guys are either unlucky, or just spammers hired by another company.


    +3 Votes
  • Vs
      3rd of Sep, 2011

    To Miss. A.R. You need not do any research to find out the truth because I wrote your paper. Your notion that an American wrote your dissertation is wrong. I am not an American, nor am I a Briton. Academia-research is fraudulent organization that cheats both customers and writers. I was cheated on two occasions, one as late as February, 2011. Visit and see the number of papers that they have put up for sale. They all were written by us. First you purchase it through masterpapers and then the company puts it up for sale on academon. They have fake names and they aren't in the US. They are hiding in Kiev. Right now there is an internationally coordinated drag net to catch them. There is a woman called Angelina at academia-research. Then there is another pompous woman with the fake name Victoria. If you want I still have the original dissertation of yours with me.

    0 Votes
  • Ny
      16th of Sep, 2011

    This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen! What are you guys doing here? Why accusing someone of scams and stuff? I completely agree with Syrio Forel. All these accusations and everything. Don't you have any other stuff to do than wasting your time posting all of those comments most of which are really ridiculous! Something about some academia research or whatever. I dunno about any academia but masterpapers is based in ALBANY! Now tell me user 2746 have you EVER been to New York? Well guess not cuz you would've known that Empire State building is based in New York CITY! So you really believe that 41 State street in Albany, NY and the Fifth ave in the city of NY are the same. Mate you need some directions. Try Google maps)))

    -1 Votes
  • Vs
      19th of Sep, 2011

    You whatever queen must be an employee of masterpapers and academia research. You must be angelina, bella, anthony, scott, alice, samantha or some such pseudonym. You are talking crap about their presence in Albany. An investigator from the US Justice Department confirmed a few weeks ago that there is no such writing service located in this building. Just visit and to see how many clients and writers have been robbed of their money. Now they are hiding in a nook in Ukraine. Your presence in NY is no guarantee that you would know exactly where these fraudsters are located.

    -1 Votes
  • Vs
      19th of Sep, 2011

    NY queen is suffering form cerebral palsy it seems.

    +1 Votes
  • So
      19th of Sep, 2011

    Wow. I had to google Kiev first (ah the shame of it). Anyway…why didn’t you name Maputo, Chisinau or…dunno… Mars? Kiev is not the only “where the hell is that?” city in the world ;) Ever heard of smart IT things called proxies? I may sit here in Lusby while you’ll think I’m in Punjab, then Kiev in a minute and effing Beijing in another two seconds. So. The question is…who the hell are you? You’ve answered to someone who’s been already claimed as the company’s member. This effing illuminati! “They have fake names and they aren't in the US. They are hiding in Kiev. Right now there is an internationally coordinated drag net to catch them. There is a woman called Angelina at academia-research. Then there is another pompous woman with the fake name Victoria.” Seriously…are you OK? Who would believe such crap? It’s like…every half a year you’re assigned to write some bull***t here, or what?

    -2 Votes

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