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Mastercraft Doors
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I purchased from Menards a mastercraft door. I since, learned that Mastercraft is owned by Menards. Door was installed in December 2009. In March 2010, I came home to find a small kink in the mini blind inside the 2 panes of glass. So I tried to open and close the blind, but the kink was still there. I thought maybe raising the blind may take care of the small kink. The whole mini blind in the door broke. 3 months old and this $200 plus dollar door was shot. I called the Menards store in Freeport only to have asst. Manager tell me that I would have to fill out forms and send to the manufacturer and they would replace the window. Menards only owns the door company, sells the door, but will not stand behind it unless I, The consumer, invest more, and they the retailor do nothing. I told him I paid $250 to carpenter to install this door and I wanted Menards rep to come out and take care of the defective door. Asst. Mgr Ken said "no can do" Menards does not come out to look at anything. They do nothing until you the consumer fill out a product disatisfaction complaint form and send it in. Then, you the consumer can wait for them to contact you. Menards does not even put their phone number on their receipts in the Freeport Store. This manager did absolutely NOTHING to help me. He even proudly stated, "I am trying to help but you have to do all the work. I cannot fill out the form for you." I called a week later still looking at the broken mini blind window in my front door. This same manager tells me he went to the phone book to look up my phone number for his internal paperwork about an unhappy customer, to send to Corp. office. (thats what they have to do to save their job) But God forbid, they help the customer by filling out a form when a customer calls and sending it in for the customer. I said to him... "why did you not call me and ask if I had decided what I was going to do about my door?" It would have been nice had he used my phone number to call me and see if he could help get my window fixed. This manager & I had 3 separate conversations and he was totally worthless in resolving my frustration or assisting me in fixing my defective product. He did absolutely nothing to help. He proudly continued to direct me to the piece of paper that I must fill out and send into the company with my complaint. I spoke to a 2nd asst. manager who I had to verbally walk him through the process on how to help your customer. Like looking my receipt up on the Kyosk for me. He did, and that helped me feel better, since I work 60 hours a week plus manage a small business on side that I am trying to get year end tax info done on. I asked him to send it in mail to me. He then offered to send one of the complaint forms to me to send to company to get my window replaced. I am not happy about the process at all. But you would think the first guy could have at least offered to do these things to assist me in chasing down my own defect window replacement. I cannot express in words the disappointment I have for Menards and the customer service policies they have. Its like they are saying: BUY OUR CHEAP THROW AWAY PRODUCTS. PAY US BIG MONEY. AND WATCH US TELL YOU TO FILL OUT ALL YOUR OWN FORMS AND CHASE YOUR TAIL TO GET OUR CHEAP PRODUCTS REPLACED. SHAME ON MENARDS AND the uncaring assistant manager named Ken from the Freeport, IL Store.
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A  20th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
i bought a door from a store in mankato minnesota. the first door looked "okay" when it was loaded into the pick truck i was using at the time. i get home pull the door out and remove the protective covering to find the jam and the brick molding on both sides were damaged. the brick molding was not that big of deal but the jam was exploeded out. useless! the door itself was scrached in many places as well. then i call the store and let them know of my problem. the store manager tells me there is nothing i can do for you. so i called my bank and told them to cancel the payment on the card. then i call menards back and explain my problem agian, same answere was given to me. then i said, hey i have canecelled the payment for the door so either you come pic it up op i will deliver the door to you right through the front door and throw it on the floor and leave. all of a sudden they changed there tune and a new door was delivered the very next day! the new door was in a little better shape but stilll not acceptable as a "new" product. i cut my losses and ties with mendards and put it in. i can go on and on about the lack of quality with matercraft doors and menards customer servive. but its a waste. hope depot and lowes just got a new customer for life. i will never shop menards ever agian. and that goes for best buy aswell. its been over two years for that store and i never plan on shoping there agian. companys dont realize that the conusmers have the upper hand when its all said and done. i happily bash mendards and best buy with all my friends and family in private converastions. guess who else doesnt shop at either of those two stores now? lol
A  18th of Nov, 2010 by    -1 Votes
I too bought 3 mastercraft doors from Menards and they all leak when it rains. Menards did nothing for over a year, finally they sent out a complaint form. Mastercraft called and came out to look at the doors and stated they were not correct, they did not have the correct molding on and one of the windows leaked. There was a nail in the casing. I have holes where you can see daylight from in all three doors. They left and then wrote a letter stating it was he fault of the contractor that installed the doors. They did not say that to him when they were at the house talking to him. They are big companies that want to rip off the middle class. The doors are junk.
D  10th of Dec, 2010 by    0 Votes
I bought four Mastercraft doors and absolutely love them. They are way more energy efficient then the previous doors. When the doors were first installed two of them leaked at the corners. After I filled out the form, Mastercraft tried to troubleshoot the problems with me. I referred them to my contractor since he was the one that installed them. After he told them everything was done that they asked, Mastercraft decided to send someone out to look at the doors. Turns out my contractor didn't caulk where he was supposed to and that was causing the leak (even though they previously asked him and he said he did). They caulked the doors and they haven't leaked since. In talking with other people doing home improvement projects it seems that usually when people are complaining about the product it usually isn't because of poor product at all.
A  23rd of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
My husband and I bought an entry door with 2 sidelights. After being picked up from the Kokomo, IN Menards store, they were installed the next day. Before installing we had to repair the brick molding that was damaged. We could have lived with that! Door was installed and that night it rained. Door leaked around the glass on the door and the lights as well as under the threshhold. we understood that we needed to add caulk, but the door had only been installed 24 hours. I went to Menards and talked to the gentleman that sold us the door and he told me what to do and assured me that they would wan to make the product right. Sent Menards the paperwork and pictures that was needed. told hubby to stop payment on door on credit card and his response was that Menards would make it right and he wouldn't stop payment. BIG MISTAKE. received a letter back from Midwest Manufacturing approximately one month later. Louise Fox from Guest relations (which she should be fired!) said that the door was not installed properly, that it needed finished and they would send me the windows to replace in the sidelights. Did I mention that we paid $1700 for this door? I did not spend this kind of money to have to rework their product. I have always been a fan of Menards, but this transaction has changed all of that! I need to buy 2 more doors, a kitchen and bathroom. Not sure where these products will be bought but I do know that none of it will come from a Menard's store!
If you are considering the purchase of a door from Menards, think twice and know that there is nothing they will do for you once you take it off the lot! Menards...I am a salesperson by trade and I would be embarassed if I treated any of my customersif they had the complaints that I do. Buyer beware!!!
Mrs. Lewis A Hedges
Camden, IN
A  27th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
I also had the misfortune to purchase a Mastercraft door from Menard's. I was installed (by a proffessional who has done quality work several times for me in the past)and the door will not seal. Since it was installed I was told to deal with Midwest Manufacturing. I too dealt with the infamous Louise Fox.(I would agree with the assestment of her efforts in the previous post- they don't exist only' the Corporate kiss off'') Mastercraft contended the door was "improperly installed" I had the installer and two other contractors look at the door and all said it was not the case.The installer actually came back and spent 2-3 hours trying to shim and adjust the door, attempting to get it to seal, he acknowledged It was poorly made and possibly out of square perhaps due to poor storage, or other defects. My local Menard's did contact Midwest on my behalf but with no sucess. It took a complaint to the Attorney General's office to get Mastercraft to even look at the door. Again "not properly installed" When the door was initially unloaded at my home my son-inlaw helped unload it and said "why did you buy such a cheap door?" When I told him what I paid he commented "it's not a cheap door just a crappy one" I wish I had listened and returned it to Menard's at that time!. I tried weather stripping and 'corner seals'(made by Mastercraft-so non sealing Mastercraft door must be common) I am stuck with a door that leaks cold air with my next option to file a small claims suit-suggested by the Attorney General's office. The Attorney General's office does keep a file of complaints against faulty manufacturers so others with similar problems might contact them. When I can afford to replace this door it will NOT come from Menard's but from a local business that stands behind their products. Perhaps a better name for the door would be Mastercrap. I will work to help others avoid this product and problems. BUYER BEWARE.
N  17th of Aug, 2012 by    0 Votes

Mastercraft Boats - ash Rewards Program
United States

MC authorized, endorsed and encouraged their authorized dealers around the country to sell a Cash Rewards program whereby customers were encouraged to buy into the program (buy in varied from $1000 to $3000). After a 3 year period the customer was required to mail in required information and where they would then be issued a rebate. Rebates varied from $5, 000 to $25, 000. The Cash Rewards group ended up being a fraud and filed BK. MasterCraft ha chosen to ignore all of their loyal customers by putting all the blame on the CR folks even thought MasterCraft encouraged, authorized and fully endorsed this program.

What a terrible example of customer service! What a shame from an organization that makes such high quality products!

N  23rd of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I recently built my dream house. During this process I purchased all of my interior doors and one exterior door from Menards in Sandusky, Ohio. I felt confident that these doors would look nice and function properly in my house. To my unfortunate surprise I was completely wrong. BEWARE of Mastercraft doors which is owned by Menards. The first exterior door that I purchased for my garage began leaking water, but I figured that it was because construction was going on and the door got damaged so I waited until the house was finished and spoke to the local representative at Menards to purchase the best possible door. I had my contractor install the door immediately and go the extra mile to insure the door wouldn't leak. Much to my surprise, the first time it rained the door leaked. Keep in mind I had the same contractor install all of my windows and 3 other exterior doors and none of them leak. I also had the same contractor professionally stain (which took several weeks) and install 22 interior doors at a cost of approximately $2, 500. During installation we started realizing that almost every door was either warped, bowed, peeling, or de-laminating and all of the backsets for the door handles were bored out to commercial locksets not standard residential locksets. I contacted my local Menards representative who recommended that I file an install complaint form. I filed the complaint and I was contacted by the infamous Louise Foxx who sent a field investigator out to examine the doors. I had my contractor on hand to answer any questions. The investigator spent a considerable amount of time investigating the doors and before he left he explained to us that the doors were defective and he would be explaining that in his report and that Louise Fox should be contacting me within a week. 4 weeks later I had to contact the investigator personally to get a response that completely shocked me. Louise Fox sent me a letter trying to state that all of the problems were due to the contractor not installing the doors or preparing them properly. Apparently this is the typical response they give in order to keep blame or responsibility off themselves. I explained that it was not possible as I have detailed photos of the preparation and installation of all the doors and I would be contacting the local store to explain how they were treating me. This is when it got worse. I went to Sandusky Menards and after demanding to speak to the Store manager for about 15 minutes he basically told me that once the product leaves there store it is no longer there problem and they own Midwest Manufacturing so I needed to contact them and to have a nice day as he just walked away. I spent over $4, 500 total on all of these doors that turned out to be junk and I can guarantee that I will be filing a lawsuit to recover my damages and I will never shop at Menards again.
A  23rd of Oct, 2013 by    0 Votes
I had the same problem, I got a poor quality patio door(Mastercraft purchased at Menard's) and I had to file a complaint with the Attorney general to get them to even come look at the door(patio door) Then it was more of the' improperly installed' crap. My only other recourse was to sue them which I couldn't afford to do.
The contractor I used was excellent, he is competent and experienced and I have done business with him before., THE DOOR IS CRAP. You would think they would figure out it would be more cost effective to stand behind a product than rip us off. I know my contractor, the two other contractors that looked at the door for me (to determine if it was 'properly installed') and all my friends will NEVER BUY MASTERCRAP door or windows.
I will not purchase any major products from Menards again, I will use local business who stand behind there products and services.
Louise Fox is a corporate kiss off and not a service rep. Tell EVERYONE you know NOT TO BUY MASTERCRAFT. They produce poor quality and DO NOT STAND BEHIND THERE PRODUCTS
N  19th of Aug, 2014 by    0 Votes
thanks for everyones time and effort in writing these reviews...i have been admiring a particular door for a couple years now and decided it was time. Its still the time but i won't take a chance with this door. Thanks again
A  17th of Dec, 2015 by    0 Votes
i agree with the above, have the same type of problems with the door i bought, leaking around the glass, which menards replaced the door, reinstalled and the hinges didn't line up, went back got hinges off of 1st door, now it leaks at threshold, installed by a pro-contractor, will never buy a another mastercraft again.
A  28th of Jan, 2016 by    0 Votes
After installation when installing the Lockset it was found that the lockset holes didn't line up with the strike cutout. The door also leaks. Same issue Menard's cares less and MasterCraft owned by Menards is refusing to that care of the issues. Might as well not have any warranty. Please Please let other people know these doors are junk and neither the store or the manufacture is standing be hind them. Just do a search on MasterCraft Door problems or issues. They want to make us look like complainers or had faulty installations. This is not the case. I know corporations with poor customer service finally fail. Will not help us currently but maybe save someone else frustration. They do not understand how word of mouth advertising spreads bad experiences and if they spent a few dollars making customers happy they wouldn't have to spend thousands on advertising to get the same number of customers back. Refuse to spend a dollar to make a happy customer or spend a thousand on advertising to get a new one.
A  4th of Apr, 2016 by    0 Votes
I'm wondering how you could have possibly had a good experience with that company. I am absolutely disgusted with them and will never buy another door from them. I'm leaving my review everywhere so that, hopefully, I can save someone some time and money.

My experience with Mastercraft was absolutely awful. My husband and I bought a new front door from them for the house we purchased in January. There were issue with the door itself so I contacted the company. Here is my original email to them:
"My husband and I ordered the door on Saturday 1/9/16 and picked it up on Friday 1/15/16. Upon pick up, it was discovered that the door was missing the sidelight kickplate which was ordered, verified by the sales person and paid for. At pick up, my husband brought it to the attention of the sales associate and was told it would be sent Fed-Ex to us. This is unacceptable as the sales person we ordered with on 1/9 stated we were much better off to order the kickplate installed from the factory as it would be more resilient. We still have not received a kickplate.
We ordered the door with a handle and deadbolt bore. The holes were made through the door to accommodate the handle and deadbolt but did not allow for the door to close properly as the interior closing edge was not bored to house the locking mechanism. Because of this, we had great difficulty in finding hardware that would allow the door to close, and ultimately had to use pieces from THREE different kits.
We are very disappointed with the construction of the door. The trim on the door is haphazardly installed. There are a few places where is is not even flush with the window. On the upper pane of the sidelight, the trim is BENT in a concave manner. There is also glue/adhesive on the window framing.
Lastly, many of the holes drilled for the screws on the frame of the windows are drilled in a manner that does not allow the plugs to obscure the holes. It appears that the bits used to drill the holes wore in the trim on an angle that was not intended.
We wanted to buy local as much as we could and were excited about being able to tell guests that our door was made in Wisconsin. For spending over a thousand dollars on a door, we are extremely disappointed. We spared no expense on this purchase and were expecting better workmanship.
I am writing this desiring to hear what can be done."
After over a dozen emails back and forth (I'll spare you the gritty details), them telling me Windex would remove caulking (um, ok) and me filling out a measurement questionnaire (when none of my complaints had anything to do with the measurements of the door), I ended up with two new windows. And, yes, they expect me to dismantle my $1200 door and install them myself. I don't even understand the logic in that. I STILL do not have a kickplate... you know, the one we ordered and paid for...?
I was told that the kickplate "wasn't part of the warranty" even after I described many times that it was already paid for and not a warranty issue at all.
Mastercraft's customer service is bottom of the barrel. Don't expect anything out of them... including common sense.
They could have sent me new trim and plugs for around the windows and a kickplate (you know, the one we paid paid for?!) and I would have been happy. Instead, they sent me $800 in windows. Because that makes sense.
Worst company ever. If you order a door from them, you're doing so at your own peril.
N  13th of Aug, 2016 by    +1 Votes
I have a master craft multipoint locking door which is seized in the lock position (that's the good news). I can't seem to find a customer support number on the web to arrange a service call. Does anyone have a number that reaches a person? Thanks.
N  4th of Mar, 2017 by    0 Votes
I purchased 2 exterior doors from Menards; (MasterCraft) Midwest Manufacturing products (a Menards company). Both leaked around the window damaging the oak veneer on the inside. I was told by their "customer service" person to put the finish coat on it and this would take care of the problem. Really! Do not purchase, try any other retailer or brand, if it says MasterCraft/Midwest Manufacturing, DON'T walk away, RUN! Instead of "save big money" how about a tag line like "We make crap and don't stand behind it at Menards". It must be easy to sleep at night being a billionaire who made it on the backs of hard working people.
A  29th of May, 2017 by    0 Votes
I too found two of my off the shelf doors to fit in odd form. I thought it was my house frame. I made some modifications and the door fits and handle fine BUT, as they come off the shelf they are crap!
If you do decide to buy, by all means inspect the doors VERY well before leaving the store.
I also had a special order door and the fibre glass finish had some flaws and upon complain received a touch up pen...big deal.
I will not be buying from Menards anymore

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