Master417digital artist ran off with 2 people's money on art commissions!

A year ago in July 2017, I bought a digital art commission from Master417 (Paypal name "Antonio Isaac Olivas Rondero") as a gift for my girlfriend shortly before her birthday. She also bought herelf four or five more commissions from Master417 as well, and the total commissions are a total of over $120 USD (20 from me for the gift and over 100 from her for herself). Fast forward a year later, and Master417 admitted he hadn't done work on most of the projects my girlfriend and I paid for (the only thing he did was the most basic of foundation lines for ONE of the commissions). My girlfriend insisted he complete them ASAP, and Master417 said that she would have to wait even longer, possibly even "two years", which a simple drawing should not take. (Keep in mind $20 by his own admission buys a "simple drawing" while higher prices buy more expensive work.)

Eventually Master417 blocked my girlfriend and myself on social media after we decided we wanted a refund, thus preventing us from getting our money back (and assumedly he will not deliver the product since he completely blocked us).

I wish to raise awareness in both the online digital artist community and the community of people who buy these commissions so that no one will be scammed by this person anymore. This also includes his Patreon patrons, who I assume he is also screwing over. I am very angry the one I love was scammed. The $20 I paid isn't really a big deal but the $100+ my girlfriend got scammed out of is unacceptable and I hope anyone reading this who might be googling Master417 to buy a commission from him will be warned : The guy will rip you off, find another artist to draw what you want.

An explanation from a third party can be found here along with a bit of evidence:

This "journal" above has been linked with permission from the person who posted it.

Full disclosure; this report has been posted anonymously because the nature of the art is rather...risque, based on my girlfriend's explanation of what she asked him to draw.

Monetary damages: $120
Preferred resolution method: Complete financial refund.

Jul 30, 2018

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