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At first we wanted a light blond on dark blond hair...Done great..Go back to do it again and guess what the Manager after spending 10k in College went to work in a Coffee shopmy butt Oh and they don't know the color so we will frost it...Well that was a mess enough ...sooo now we are 190.00 later and just decide to go dark brown...Ok sound easy enough...Not a chance...Well 70 bucks later we end up with spots, I mean cat spots of blond!!!And than I had to hear how it will not show up after it dries..LOL

OK sure, than well we spent 3 hours on her hair LOL really??Cause 3 hours ago I was in bed..they even tried to hide the spots as I was pointing them out ..LOL wow Never in my life..I have never and I mean never delt with a company that has tried to pull the wool over my eyes like this...As if I can not believe my lying eyes...they gave her a hair cut also...Wow her bangs are all diffent lengths and I am not 3 hrs their time we ended up with hair that needs to be cut again and lepard spots..Starting to really wonder if she was liceenced at all...

I only recived the 50 bucks back for the bad color not the bad hair cut...

And will cost me a lot more than that to fix this mess...

I don't see how they stay in business.I can however tell you this is the first time I have ever and I mean ever tell me after they can see the damage done that it is my issue and not theirs..and they did the best they can and how dare I expect the job to be done right...Heck even her messed up bangs have blond in it still...I can honestly say..If you want to go dark, go with a 12.00 box before you spend money with these idoits..I promise you will have less spots than the Great Master Cuts Pro's !!!

This is the Austin Texas Lake Line Mall

and the Collin Creek Mall in Plano Texas ...Beware...Can Not say I did not tell you soo!!!

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      Jan 18, 2011

    Today 01/17/11 I took my teenage son to the Master Cuts in the West Field Mall of West Covina, California. We showed them a picture of what we wanted. The picture was in their books. He came out with a bowl hair cut not at all what we asked for. Don't ever get your hair cut at Master Cuts. They don't know what the hell they're doing. The stylist tried to play it off by saying that the hair wouldn't look right if she did it like the picture...code for I don't know what I'm pay me. Their coorporate office seriously needs to stop in this shop secretly.

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