Mastec Adanced Technology / Fraudulent charges

1 United States

On two seperate occasions, installers with this company, apparently working on behalf of Direct TV, came to my home to install equipment. On the first occasion, the installer lied, saying that we could not get the service because we had no satellite reception. He was standing to the north side of our home and indicated that the buildings across the street were interfering with the satellite. On the second occasion, the installer indicated that he needed some special equipment in order to complete the installation, and that he would need to charge a fee (we were told installation would be free) to do so. He took my credit card information and called the charge in and said he would be back with the proper equipment. He never returned. Several hours later, at 8:30 in the evening, we received a call from Direct TV customer service to inform us that the technician would not be returning to our home until 5 (five) days later. At that point, we decided not to deal with Direct TV anymore, and called to cancel the installation. We were told by the Direct TV customer service that they had no knowledge of the charge as it was done by the independent installation company. Many attempts to contact the installation company (MasTec) have been unsuccessful. They have, however, been calling via recorded message to reschedule the installation. At this point all i want is the $68.90 which was charged to my account for an installation that never took place.


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