SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Poor Service Harrassment

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This company in Boulder is a sub of the Boulder police department and run down gym called Boulder One Fitness. Both are inner city facilities very close to the road. I always loved coming out of massage only to be almost run over by cars in the main intersection in Boulder. The rooms are tiny and you can even smell the smog emissions while receiving a therapeutic massage.
The employees are even ruder except when my massage therapists boyfriend and some Boulder cop was stalking me right outside the door and the building when I was getting massaged they seemed to at least prevent most of the time them from interrupting the massage.
Massage Specialists is the worst place to get a massage, near the streets tiny rooms it always felt like it was a brothel. If you are lucky though, and you know the owner or hang out with all the boys at Boulder Boy fitness they will let their massage therapists grace your home with a visit.
They tried overcharging me three times and were constantly changing appointments. I will never go there again

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