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I joined Massage Envy in Tucson, AZ this past winter where I have a home. Enjoyed it so decided to extend the membership when I got back to Illinois. All is fine except when I go to check out after my appointment. The SAVOY, ILLINOIS Massage Envy will not let you leave until you tip your massage therapist. You're not given a choice. You have to do it! This wasn't so in Tucson. You had the choice.
I don't like being bullied every time I leave there. I will finish my contract then only contract while in Arizona. When in IL, I'll go elsewhere even though I really like my thrrapist.

May 15, 2017
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  •   May 16, 2017

    Is there anything in the contract you signed that states you agree to tip the masseuse? Also, if you were being held against your will, as you claim, why didn't you call the police so they could arrest your kidnapper? I think what you really mean is that they were being aggressive and pushy about you tipping. BTW: I checked Yelp and if you write a 1 star review, the owner does respond. This location has a facebook page and they do respond to negative reviews on that page as well.

    If I went for a massage, I would definitely tip but my understanding is ME always tries to dictate the tip amount and that is not acceptable.

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