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This company has called me three times since August 11. They referenced a Summons number stating it was for "theft by deception" and that I needed to take care of the matter.

First call...placed to cell phone and unlisted, non-published home phone humber. Informed Meredith Stanley myself (husband spoke with Jennifer) that they had contacted the wrong person. We did not apply for 2-week payday loan with Bank of America...let alone allow it to become delinquent. Also informed them that we had never lived nor worked in Texas.

Second call: Company again called both cell phone and home phone number. Message on cell phone indicated time sensitive matter and to call local office (which is not a local call for us) or to call toll-free number. No message was left on house phone.

Third call: This time Company only called cell phone. Basically the same message was left (see above) except that immediate call back was expected.

Conclusion is...this company is practicing a form of Identity Theft and/or illegal harrassment.

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  • Tx
      Aug 30, 2009

    Turn them in folks to the FTC and Att Generals office. They just shut down a company for for this type of thing. They rely on the public to help them get these companys shut down. They have forms on line to fill out just type in your browser the FTC and Attorney General of your state. Good luck

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  • Dd
      Oct 14, 2009

    I also had many phone calls from these people telling me that I only had 24 hours before they turn my file in to the court and to avoid charges they suggest I pay them in full, of course I have no money to pay my debt right now, my hours got cut from work and it has been hard for me to get another job, anyway that is a personal problem, If they could just stop calling me at work then I will be ok.

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  • Ju
      Oct 16, 2009
    Marvel & Associates - Threats
    Marvel & Associates
    United States

    Marvel & Associates has been calling and threatening me with legal action and investigation. I have tried to talk to them to come up with a payment plan but they are hateful and uncaring. I was in the hospital and then lost my job because I was in the hospital. They threaten all the time. I don't want to talk to them. I would send them some money but I don't have an address as they won't give it to me. Can anyone help me?

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