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Maruti Udyog Ltd./Bhawani Motor Garage / cheating/fraud/cheap

1 United States

Maruti is a well known brand which is actually the heart of india and its citizens. people trust and believe in maruti as it is their parents or family people.. but today with the growth in techniques and man power the ethics and that craze is getting blurred. I realised it when I recently took one of my car for a check up to m/s bhawani motor garage, siliguri.. it is a maruti authorised service station which is not that big but still manageable...

So to get some work done for my zen I landed up there.. they were courteus to see me there and listened to all my problems related to the vehicle and without a trial they opened up the vehicles suspension, brakes, air cleaner and some denting and minore paint job too.. after everything was opened up they put up a long list of spares which they deemed necessary.. I said ok you please go ahead and do the work.. after half an hour I saw that one of the owner mr sanjay das got all the spares from somewhere and I was shocked to see that none of the spares were maruti genuine parts but they all were some local delhi made stuffs and the clutch pressure plates were also duplicate.

When I asked him why arent you giving me the original spares he said its the best quality and added that "its no use putting up maruti original parts because they are very expensive and there is guarantee n the spares. maruti has just been selling useless things. and we are selling all these spares and they are giving good service.. so plz dont bother.. we will do good for you" but when I was adamant that I want only original spares after a lot of comotion and argurment he agreed to get me the original spares and went back to get them.

After another hour he came back with the spares in maruti packed boxes I dont know what had he brought but still I had to trust. and after he came there came the staff of the maruti spares distributor from where he had taken the spares. he asked mr sanjay to make the payments and then mr sanjay asked me for the money saying that he has to make the payments to the distributor I said first let my vehicle get overhauled and then I will pay yu all at the time of delivery and then he started fighting with me saying why yu get yur vehicles here when yu cannot make payments...

I have been maintaining vehicles since last 14 years and have been visiting mass regularly but this sort of a thing never happened but for the 1st time I faced a very bad situation... when I denied to make payments sanjay said the distributors staff that plz wait I will make yu the payment as son as
The vehicle is ready and on listening to this the staff got fired saying that already a lot of payment is due from your end.. and when yu said yu will make the payment now then make it but sanjay spoke all sorts of slang to that staff and asked him to run away saying nahi hoga payments... and after all this I realised that I am caught up tday... and not only this any spare or nut bolts that was required was being brought from the market... they did not have it in stock... then I asked the fitter to replace the engine oil also and he got some veedol engine oil... from stock
But I refused saying I need castrol and finally I had to go out to get the oil on my own... I got the castrol tin and gave them.. and during lunch time
The mechanic asked me for 100 saying he will have his lunch here only and wont go home... when I said ask yur owner he said fine yur work will be
Delayed not my problem... all the work they said was done and by evening the car was ready...

Now time for the bill... and the bill was ready for some rs. 10045 including spares and labour... I was shocked at seeing the bill because:

1 the bill was not of bhawani motor garage but was of some rajesh automobiles
2 the bill bore no maruti authorisation no logo no certification of mass
3 the spares bill was very high.. the rates were 20 to 25% higher than the mrp printed on the spares.
4 the labour cost of oil change was 150, clutch plate change was 1050, denting and painting on the front left fender panel was 2950

Then I had a word with sanjay regarding this then he said our charges are this and no discounts on this.. I said its very very expensive yu please show me yur rate chart then he said that these are maruti prescribed rates and we do not alter all this. and for the bill he said mass is in name of both our firms.. bhawani motor garage and rajesh automobiles and we are licensed.. he said I am giving you this white slip of spares because it will save yu tax service tax... and rest they were not ready to listen to me...

So finally I had to pay this amount... and later when I was the delivery of my vehicle I realised the same problem of the clutch persisted... when I told them this they said its absolutely fine.. and did not accept my claims...

Sir is this the standard of maruti today? is maruti appointing mass just for the sake of eaning money? is quality and satisfaction for customers is no more a marutis motto? such a bad service and behaviour both at work and in person is no mans choice... if such people exist in your dealers network I swear on god people will resell their marutis and shift off to some other brand that gives them good service and satisfaction.. people like bhawani motor garage can survive by their rude means but we corporates cannot continue this way always...

I will sell of both my marutis and shift off to some other brand because such a term of trust and workmanship is not tolerable...

If people like me get dissatisfied with yur services and start disposing off their vehicles then whom will the company sell ff their produce...

Please do reply if you find something wrong and unexpected happened to a loyal customer of yours..

Laksh jaitley

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