Martin Klein at Logan and Associates / Pay day loan

I received an email at work form my HR department stating that someone called me from Martin Klein at Logan and Associates by the name of Raymond Scott at [protected]. I called and spoke to a gentle man with a foreign accent. I could barley understand him. I asked him what was the nature of this call. He advised me that I had taken out a loan with a company called United Cash Loans he continued statingth eloan was for the amount of $300 and they tried to withdrawl the money from my Checkings Account from Bank of America. Thw funny part is. I did take out a loan but not with them and I am currently making payments to the company that I took out the loan from & iI only have 1 payment left. I advised this person that I was doing this he immediately got irrate and stated that they were going to sue me & take me to court the amount will be $9000. I freaked out. I advised him that i was working and I had the proof of payments being made and that I would call them the next day with the information. The man was very rude and hung up the phone. Later that day I recieved a call from the company that is responisble for making sure my payment was going to go through for the loan I did take out. I advised her of what happen. She immediately asked me if this the person I talked to had a foreighn accent. I said yes how did she know. She told me about the fraudulant calls that alot of cleints have been receiving and she gave me this website. I began to read all of the complaints that other people have.I emailed my HR department back and advised them of the situation. I even called the company back and let them know I knew the were scam artist and not to call my job again and if they did the would be hearing from the BBB. I felt better once I found out I was not the only person getting calls from these people. A lessoned learned for me. No More Pay Day Loans...

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