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Marthas Vineyard Apartments / Safety Violation

1 7920 San Felipe, Austin TX, 78729Austn, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 512-258-8744

About 5 or 6 weeks ago a U haul truck someone was driving in our parking lots ran into a car port. This cause the structure not only sever damage but cause it to collapse and be very unsteady. Marthas Viney ard never put out any memo's to the residents on this side of the community explaining what was going on or to inform us of how long until it would be fixed. This is going on 6 weeks now and is still not fixed or at lease the debris remove for safety. The structure is very unsecure and the steal and metal are flapping around every time the wind blows. Not only is this a danager to residents vehicles but could also several injury someone if this was to be lifted by wind. Martha' Vineayard has only simply put about 4 little orage cones and one stipe of contion tape which is about gone now from some storms resentyl.

It is impossible to avoid parking on that side of the building. I called about 2 weeks ago to ask when it would be fixed or removed b/c the structure makes horrible skreatching metal noises all night long from the wind and was told that they were waiting on the person who it the carports insurance to pay to fix it.I was told by the staff member that it would be fixed that week, well it is going on 2 weeks now and is still there. I have a hard time believing that it would take this long to remove this structure or be fixed knowing that this is a huge safety issue to the residents.

They have not even attempted to tie it down or secure any tarp so it won't blow away. As the weeks have passed by I continue to watch as the carport collapse more and more every day. Reguardless if they are waiting on money from that person's insruance they have a liabilty to their residents to make sure they have a safe living environment. This complex has many kids who play outside every day and I have never once seen a staff member or maintenance person out there looking at it to check the durability. I think that when the safety of your residents is at hand it shouldn't matter on waiting for insurance money, it is their responsibly to make sure dangerous materials are removed immediately.

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