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Martha's Siamese And Balinese / Unhealthy kitten

1 38 51st st.Lyndenhurst, NY, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 631-225-4181

On 12/21/08 I purchased a kitten from this breeder as a gift for my wife. Unfortunetly the kitten was born with or contracted a virus called FIP. FIP is an uncurable disease and the kitten had to be put to sleep.The 1st phone call i made to the breeder she stated her apologies and said she would replace the kitten. The following day she called me back and told me she does not back a kitten with this disease. Although it states in her contract that the kitten comes with a 1 year health guarentee not mentioning FIP at all. The long and short of it is I need to replace a cat and she will niether give me a kitten or give me my money back, therfore small claims court papers have been filed on 02/19/09.

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  • Ca
      19th of Apr, 2009
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    No one can put in a sales contract that they guarantee against FIP, as most cats have at some point already been exposed to the coronoavirus, which unfortunately occasionally "mutates", as I understand it, into the lethal form/disease FIP..Any honest breeder will tell you that. if he or she has bred cats long enough, that hthey have had one or more case in their cattery-and it does not mean they had to have kept an unsanitary, a filthy home . it can be highly contagious ... yet many vets have also told me there is definitely a genetic component to it...

  • Ch
      18th of Aug, 2009
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    I also purchased a kitten from Linda and he had FIP and had to put him to sleep at 11 months old. This is a sick breeder who knows shes in the wrong. hopefully a class action lawsuit can be formed against her, i think that it will be stronger than a single small claims case. It was a horrible thing and there is no doubt that my kitten and im sure the kittens of those who have lost had amazing personalities and were tragically ill because of anothers greed. i just wonder how these ladies sleep at night knowing how much hurt they have put multiple families though.


  • Si
      7th of Oct, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I recently purchased 2 kittens from this breeder and my kittens are very health I went to this breeders home and she is very clean, I think she was a little wierd when she had my husband and me remove our shoes and wash our hands with antibacterial soap .. she also called to check on the kittens a week later and to actually ask for pictures in the near future. I highly recommend this breeder to anyone. As far as the complaints I spoke to Mrs Biers and she informed me what had happened. How can anyone buy an animal and blame the breeder 1 yr later .. what do you think a health gurantee lasts forever? she actually gives 6 mths what breeder out there does that .. all these accusation should stop cause this is a wonderful breeder ... you guys need a life !!

  • Si
      7th of Oct, 2009
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    On 12/12/08 I purchased 2 kittens from Linda Biers 1 seal point and lilac point and they are very healthy. I had a cat for 2 yrs and it died of FIP which I was so upset when I called this breeder she was wonderful very sympathetic but then she told me the bad news I could not purchase any of her kittens for 6 mths until my home was disease free, I was highly offended but then I understood what she meant after I called my Vet. So if this breeder was greedy she would not have refused to sell me my kittens. as a matter of fact I am purchasing another kitten this weekend a male seal point !

  • Ve
      27th of Nov, 2009
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    On october 5, 2009 I purchased a kitten from Mrs Biers, took kitten to my vet, he was very surprised that my kitten was chunky and very clean .. I did research on this breeder and it's amazing how many people I spoke with and everyone has nothing bad to say about this breeder .. I also spoke to her vet which Mrs Biers ran various test on all of her adult cats and they are deemed to be perfect .. If Mrs Biers needs me in court I will be more than happy to be there along with several people who purchased siamese kittens within the last year !!! these ladies are very nice and is very concern about their kittens . it's a shame people in this world has nothing better to do with thier lives than to accuse people of being bad breeders when in reality you must have failed to take care of your kitten ..Good Luck ! but I believe defamation of character on the internet, she should counter sue these people ..

  • Ki
      13th of Mar, 2017
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    I have a beautiful lilac point balinese I adopted from this breeder in May 2016; she is absolutely beautiful. We took her to the vet and she commented on how well cared for she was and the fact that she was in very good health. I found Ms. Biers to be very involved, careful and meticulous with her cats. I highly recommend her. We celebrated our kitty's 1st birthday this past week.

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