Marta Jesiak / Psychopath/Predator

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Marta Jesiak, originally from Poland, is a psychopath who gets off on hurting people. I was in a relationship with her for six months, and when I left for a three week holiday, she cheated on me and made it obvious to our mutual friends that she was doing so. She is a very attractive girl, and extremely manipulative, and thus has been used to getting her evil way throughout life.

By her own admission, she cheated on her previous boyfriend nine times over the course of four years. She deliberately seeks out weak men whom she can dominate and control. I insisted she get out of my life when she cheated on me. Her current boyfriend is socially awkward and weak, and takes her back when she cheats on him.

She is an evil psychopath. Men that meet her will be instantly attracted to her. But beware - she has no empathy nor remorse. She will use you to get what she wants, and then deliberately hurt and humiliate you.

Marta Jesiak

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  • Je
      17th of Jan, 2011

    Lol I know this girl, used to work with her in London. She would cheat on her boyfriend constantly and made sure everybody knew. Stupid [censor].

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