Marshfield, WI Emergency RoomDeceit/ lack of care/concern/ unprofessional conduct in reporting information

When I came into the emergency room, I was treated with no sense of urgency or care. I was left alone in the room while everyone outside chatted, laughed, and gossiped. Hmmm... Shows so much care in the emergency room. I went in because my entire left side went numb. They treated it as only a panic attic. Yes, I would have anxiety if something so concerning happens. They didn't seem to care about my actual concern and did nothing to get to the source of it. "i wanted to try ativan to see it this would help but she became very upset because she couldn't get a ride home. " (Mathew steinmetz md) this is a complete lie... I could have if I had my boyfriend wake up my children, but I wasn't that darn selfish. The fact that I had to drive myself home before never stopped a doctor from helping with 1 anxiety pill. Heck, I could have waited until I got home to take it (Or wait... Maybe I was going to sell it... Prejudice, personal judgment) or most likely it would not have actually started to work until I made it home a whole ten minutes away. I'm tired of personal prejudices from doctors... These are what allow people to die or get worse in their conditions, because care and deceit consumes your business, which has now become apparent to me that i'm just a number, a paycheck. Your complete lack of concern for how much distress I was in was completely unprofessional. Then to put in your report that I wasn't in distress is just plain deceitful. I'm tired of doctors lying and not actually caring for their patients. Marshfield has become a horrible hospital/clinic to go to for seriously concerned patients. Karma is real...

Feb 02, 2017

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