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Marshal Fields / Trouble

1 United States

I recently went shopping at Marshall Fields. I had a lot of bags in my hands, which is what most people look like when they have been shopping. I decided to make one last stop to Marshall Fields. I began browsing around for tank tops and jeans. I grabbed 2 items and went to try them on. I wasn't really convinced, so I hung them back up and left them in the dressing room. I proceded to look around for other things and i found a pair of jeans that I went to try on. This time, I went into a different dressing room. (not remembering which one I went to before) I payed for the jeans (which were $90) and went upstairs to go to aunt annies pretzels, which was right outside the store. Before I could even exit the store, a woman JUMPED out in front of me warning me not to leave...she was trying to corner me as if I had done something WRONG!!! She asked me if I had stolen merchandise in my bag. I told her she was making a big mistake. She then took me to back of the store where human resources offices were. A man was also there and they asked my name, and asked to search me. I happily agreed because i didn't have anything to hide. Then she asked to search underneath my clothes...which i thought was rediculous, but i allowed her to. When they didn't find anything, they asked me where the clothes were...i told them that i left them in the dressing room. they said which one? i said i went in two different ones... "ohhhh she went into a different one" she said.. what bull crap...they didn't even check to see if it was in the dressing room...i was pissed. i started to cry out of anger, relief that it was over with, and simply betrayal!!! she opened the door for me to exit the offices and go back into the store...i was crying and they gave me a light apology and basically let the door hit me in the ###...Unfortunatley, i still shop there..i called around a little and they offered a $100 gift cert. but i decided it wasn't worth it...the people i complained to were, come to find out, the ones that accused me, so they were rude any way. I guess next time, i will know how to react...i just got a little shook up i guess. I felt as if i had done something wrong...I EVEN FEEL LIKE I AM BEING WATCHED WHEN IM SHOPPING NOW...PARANOIA!!! i practically hold all my clothes in the air, , not STEALING!!!


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