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Markspace/Missing Sync / Company is unethical

1 IL, United States

I purchased the Mark/Space's Missing Sync for the palm treo (I realize this isn't for the Palm, but is pertinent--please read on). Not only do their products not work, but they didn't offer a refund after proving it. After noticing duplicates in iCal and AddressBook and appointments being removed after syncs, I contacted their customer service.

After months of running third party programs and sending logs they finally said it wasn't their software. Instead it was the Apple "SyncServices" that was buggy (which wasn't the problem, read below). This was only after spending a lot of time to reproduce the problem and supply debugging information to them. They mentioned that there was a bug in a previous release and to upgrade. That didn't work and they said I'd have to re-import everything and upgrade the OS. I did all of this as well and completely reinstalled but still got the deleted iCal appointments and duplicates in iCall and AddressBook. There was also issues with the MarkSpace notes, but that's a different story.

After giving up and upgrading to the iPhone, I've no duplicates, missing data or any sync problems whatsoever. After upgrading to the iPhone, I didn't do anything at all with the operating system so it isn't a bug in Apple's SyncServices as they said it was.

After switching to the iPhone, I asked if there was anything they could do like provide iPhone software worth the value of the missing sync for the treo, for which they said they couldn't.

After all was said and done, they said that once a purchase was made, they weren't able to provide a refund. Needless to say, after all this, no refund was quiet frustrating and I wouldn't suggest any of their products to anyone given they way they don't take responsibility and are not accountable or the problems in their software.

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