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Mark's Service Pro / Worst service you can imagine

1 United States

My experience (so far) with Mark's Service Pro in Spencer, Wisconsin
has been awful.

My Philips LCD TV broke down 30 days after purchase. It would no
longer turn on and would just blink a red light. After weeks of
dealing with Philips, they sent me to Mark's Service Pro for the repair.

When I first talked to them on the phone, they told me it would take
over two weeks to get someone out to the house... a little upsetting,
but I wasn't too bothered. They told be that because it was blinking
a red light 6 times that means I need a new power board (or something).

The service guy showed up two hours late (I was told he would show
between 8-12, he showed up at 2:15). He came in and only asked for
the serial number (which I had already provided) and said that he
couldn't repair it without the power board. He never looked at the
TV. It wasn't that I didn't believe him, but to make me stay home the
whole day to have someone ask me something they already had drove me

I told him that the power board should have been ordered two weeks
ago and he agreed. He told me to stay home and he'll find out if it
came in and will come back and replace it if it had and would call me
if it hadn't. I waited three hours and he never called.

I called the office the next Monday to find out what was going on and
the (rude) woman told me the part needs to be ordered still. I
explained that it should have been ordered WEEKS ago and she didn't
really care. She promised to call me back in the afternoon and give
me details as to when it could be fixed. Guess what. She never called.

I waited a few days and called them again and spoke to the same
woman. Even though she knew my name (without me giving any info other
than saying I was never called back), she insisted it wasn't her I
spoke to. She still didn't know what the hold up was and again told
me that I would get a call back. SURPRISE! I never got called.

Now today I called again and spoke to a different lady. The one
looked up the order and told me the part will be in in a week or so
and it will be another week or so before they can come out to do a
repair. When I calming explained that I was upset over their service,
she just kept saying 'yep'. No apology, no remorse for their constant
lies and waste of my time.

At this point I it has been 50 days since I called Philips and a
month since I called Mark's Service Pro. It will still be two-three
weeks before the TV is fixed if I rely on the assumption that Mark's
Service will stay true to their word (which is unlikely).

I recommend that you NEVER use them. EVER. They have the worst
service you can imagine.


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