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Marks And Morgan Jewelers / Lost/Stolen Wedding Rings

1 Midlothain Turnpike, Richmond, VA, United States Review updated:

I took my wedding ring, engagement ring, and anniversary band into the Marks and Morgan at Chesterfield Towne Center on April 10, 2009. They had to put a half shank on the both the wedding ring and the engagement rings and then attach them back with the anniversry band. They called me on April 28 to tell me that UPS lost my rings. My husband and I went into the store to find out that they were actually only missing 1 day. They were supposedly shipped out 2 day on Thursday the 23rd. It was only Tuesday. I thought that this was odd that they would call and worry me, and want me to pick out new rings when they were only 1 day late. ODD? Well, after a few minutes with the manager, who was very flip and unapologetic, I found out that they sent the rings to Jarod, the Galleria of Jewelers. (owned by same company) But that is not the kicker, Jarod is in the mall parking lot. Probably about 200 yards away. They would not give me the tracking no. from UPS so I could contact UPS and see it they could help, and when I went to Jarod, they would not help me, let me know if they had ever seen my jewelry or shipped it back, then told me I had to deal with Marks and Morgan. When I explained that all I wanted was to know if they had fixed it the manager just kept telling me that I had to go back to Marks and Morgan. Well, I am not doing that. I am filing a police report against Marks and Morgan and Jarod. They both will not give me any information, so it is the last resort. You can replace a pair of earrings or a watch, not someones wedding rings. Unless they are rings put on my finger during my wedding, it is not a wedding ring. Beware everyone, Marks and Morgan, Jarod, Sterling, and Kay jewelers just to name a few are all owned by Signet Jewelers. I would stay away from all of them.

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  • Ja
      29th of Apr, 2009
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    Hello to you i'm James The Jeweler in Atlanta, Ga and i read your complaint here. I'd like for you to file a formal complaint with THE JEWELER'S VIGILANCE COMMITTEE FOR CONSUMERS and i've posted their contact info below for you to contact them.



    Normal business hours are 9am to 5pm,
    Monday through Friday (Eastern Time)
    excluding National Holidays.

    Telephone: (212) 997-2002
    Fax: (212) 997-9148

    THE JEWELER'S VIGILANCE COMMITTEE FOR CONSUMERS doesn't play when it comes to jewelers, jewelry stores, or internet jewelers mistreating their customers. Make sure you file your complaint also with the GOVERNOR'S OFFICE OF CONSUMER AFFAIRS in the same state this jewelry stores does business in.

    If you'd like to contact me feel free to do so here!

  • Lo
      30th of Apr, 2009
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    Along with the lady above my wedding ring was also one that was "lost" on the 23rd of April 2009. After being told that it was lost by UPS and i was not allowed to get the tracking # i did research on my own. The manager of the store at Marks and Morgan told me the whole time it was "lost in transit" but yet so willing to offer me a replacement ring the very same day. Which i also felt was very strange and brought up many red flags. There is no price tag you can place on something so meaningful. I had a 5 stone ring and one of the stones was given to me by my now husband when i was 16yrs old and have added too since then. After digging a little and calling Jared and Marks and Morgan HQ i found out that the manager in FACT signed for the package herself on April 23rd at 9.58AM. after she told me that it was lost she looked me in the face and lied to me. i talked to her district manager and explained my concern with the whole situation and how i was being treated and lied too and she herself told me all they could do is give me 10% above the amount paid for my original items. that is BS to me.. i took the police up there with me on two seperate occassions once on the 24th and yesterday the 29th. they have informed me that it is not criminal but how do they know as they are not willing to dig for me at all. i am heart broken and sickened that at this point i feel my rings have been taken from me forever. they were never "re-shipped" back out to UPS as they were telling me either... they are either in that store which i had them strip down yesterday the 29th or someone is being dishonest. My ring was promised to be done and back on the 15th of April and since then i have getting the run around. At this point i am not sure what to do... i feel like my hands are tied. Please tell everyone you know to NEVER go there and support this kind of business.

  • Br
      25th of Feb, 2013
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    My wife's ring I bought her for her birthday Jan 12 2013 was sent off to be sized on the 12 th the ring took three weeks to return and had the wrong irrodium paint color on it the ring was blue diamonds but the shop put black paint over the edges of the ring completely screwed it up then the mgr said we will send another one to be sized two more weeks after I was assured it would be only a day or two rushed order they get it back again and its jacked up they then tell me sorry we will give u 20 gift cars who gives a ### about twenty bucks when u screw up several hundreds of dollars ring twice by this time its valentines and I had gotten a matching blue diamond bracelet for her now she had to wear a screwed up ring and it doesn't match the bracelet at all on the promise that the ring will be custom ordered to fit her finger exactly but it will take three weeks to get it then the mgr says the stores phones are screwed up is why he can't call me and speak about all this but the sales girl calls just fine from the store lies lies lies and I feel screwed over my wife is upset !!! U can't get back memories when it should been good and turns out bad like valentines did for her due to this slow jerk u around garbag3 marks and morgans in columbus ga peach tree mall do not buy from them u will reg from ret it severely!!!

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