Markham & Ellesmere Esso, 52611 / Gas

I went to the gas station insert my points card and paid with my debit card for $40 gas. It went through however after selecting the fuel and started pumping gas none came out. Tried again no gas pumps out. I ask the intercom for attendant attention and he says he need to reset system. I told him I already paid...he didnt say anything. After waiting for five minutes I ask again thru intercon when would it be fixed he say now. I pump the gas but to my surprised it went past $40 dollars because I set it. The final gas total was $40.37. I walk inside the store thinking Im just paying the 0.37 cents difference. The attendant told me I have to pay the whole amount. I explain to him about my pre payment transaction on my debit card he say then dont pay ill call the cops. I asked the attendant why would he say that. He says you dont want to pay...I told him but I alrwady pay. I asked my first transaction if he could show me that it was cancelled. He rudely say im stupid...transaction cannot be printed if you didnt pay... at this point I demanded to speak to an owner. The line up went longer and so with other upset customers... the attendant called his manager and he gave me his phone to talk to his manager...Managers name is Raji, she apologized about the situation she asked me if in case I get double charge just come over and she will fixed it. However at the time the attendant kept saying" yeah keep talking nothing gonna happen...stupid. Twice he says that and I ask the Raji if she heard that. I told the attendant to stop being rude and not to call me stupid he wasvjust smiling and keep provoking me... I told him I will file a complaint. Attendants name was San ... transaction # 3528 ID was 19.

Dec 07, 2016

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