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This is about a used dryer that my husband and I purchased from Marketplace. After my husband made a few inquiries about the used dryer, we agreed to purchase it and set a meeting time. My husband is very knowledgeable man about appliances and when he met this man named Jimmy at his home, my husband inspected the dryer as best he could as the electric cord had been removed. After speaking with the seller a few minutes, my husband felt it was worth a try.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Jeffersonville, IN When he got it home, and purchased a new dryer cord for it, turned it on, it made loud noises as the drum turned. It also overheated very quickly. We trusted this man with his word that the dryer was just a couple of years old and ran fine. This is very disappointing as now we have a dryer that will have to have repairs and could still be a fire hazard. Here is the information I have about the seller, name-Jimmy, address-1205 Stonelilly Drive Jeffersonville, IN 47150, cell phone [protected]. I did contact the seller later in the night, after the disappointing discoveries, his reply was that it did work fine and we had plugged it in wrong.

Aug 23, 2018

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