MarketplaceHORRENDOUS Customer Service

Today on 2 Jan 11, I purchased a math book by title. Yes, it was my fault for not checking the ISBN until after the purchase, however I immediately called within 10 minutes of the purchase but ofcourse customer service was not open just yet. One hour later, I received a confirmation email for my order informing me A DIFFERENT email would be sent once the book left the warehouse. At 1 hour later, customer service answers, and even though the book has not left the warehouse or even processed to leave, I was told it was absolutely nothing they could do to cancel the order, but I could send it back for a refund. BS!!! How hard is it to hit a button that says cancel. I will never order anything from this site. I dont care how low the price is. Instead of them cancelling that $4.00 book, in order for me to buy the correct one at $85...THEIR LOST. Why would anyone pay a possible $5 restock fee, and definite $8 shipping fee (total both ways), and the darn book only cost $4. THEY DONT EVEN ATTEMPT TO WORK WITH YOU! SORRY, SORRY, SORRY PEOPLE, CUSTOMER SERVICE...therefore, the entire COMPANY.

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