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Date: sunday, july 29, 2018
Store id: mcdmkt01
Location market place in airport in orlando fla, ordered two sandwiches, water and tea. At 1 pm there were very were few items already made to choose from.
Waiter: 386702, name deshawn. However, not his fault, the entire staff and restaurant were not prepared for business.
Order/check no. 6995

I ordered gobbler, with no stuffing on it. Husband ordered big3 (not sure what was supposed to be). His was supposed to have chicken on it, mine turkey. Ordered at 1:10. About 10 mins later they say no chicken or turkey, what meat do u want instead? We both said ham. Would have thought they would have made a ham sandwich but they proceeded with gobbler ingredients minus the turkey. His was made with roast beef, corned beef and ham, what a combo. At 1:30, we finally received our order. We had 15 minutes to eat and board our plane at 1:45, not time to reorder or return. My gobler came with ham and dressing I requested not to have, and on rye bread. It was supposed to be on sourdough, I am allergic to rye so could not eat. My husbands sandwich came on pumpernickel/rye swirl. He offered to eat mine and me to eat his but again I couldnt eat because of the rye. He wasnt going to eat with me nothing to eat, so we threw them into trash.

My sandwich was $10.89 and my husbands was $10.39. We would like a refund.

I called as we were waiting to board and talked to someone about our issue.
Since then, I received a voice mail and returned the call twice and left messages, with no return call.

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