marketing 4 sunset / horrible company and terrible customer services

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This company is a fraud, they just want to get your money!

This started with a phone call I received from this marketing company couple months ago, and now they are still calling me trying to get money from me for their travel package...

They claimed that I won a trip for four (two adults and two kids) in Cancun Mexico, but later they told me that I still needed to pay them a "small" amount of money in order to get the deal. The deal is worth 6000 usd dollars, and I only need to pay them 450 usd upfront, and some "small" amount of admin/ registration fee later. (This is all ### and fraud, because you will find your bill end up much higher than what you can get from a regular travel agent even before you travel! )

I saw couple complaints about this company earlier and did not believe them, and now, I completely understand those people's frustration when got into situation like this. This company is really a crap.

Do NOT ever ever give money to those companies, they are fraud, they dont provide services that you expected or paid for...

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