MarketDraw.comDoes not pay

T is an affiliate network, who, supposedly, pays publishers to send traffic to various campaigns. I have been a publisher with since August of 2007. I have actively been promoting several of their campaigns, and have over $1500 commissions due, which I am to be paid. However, after several months of not receiving any checks (5 months to be exact). I started to email daily. After 3 weeks I, finally, received a response stating they were working on the problem, and I would receive an email when my payment was sent. Well, after waiting another 2 weeks, I received an email stating that my payment was sent. I have not received the payment. I continued emailing, with NO response this time. So I have had it. I am sick of the runaround I receive from the owner of, Jonathan Clark. is a despicable affiliate network, that NO one should ever join. The company lacks in customer service, and does not pay. The worst part is they do not keep in contact with you, to let you know what is going on. I have incurred several advertising expenses, because of promoting their campaigns. So now, I am just expected to eat these advertising expenses???

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