Market Traders Institute / nightmare

This company is your nightmare incarnate
Avoid at all costs

Dont be fooled
This letter explains only the beginning of this mti nightmare.
I'll try to be short winded but i'm beside myself. This is one of many many letters i've sent to "the chief" supposed mti guru. Fyi I took his elite course... He guarantees you will make money.3 months and I end about $1000 down.
I was and have been ignored and verbally assaulted by a few of the employees.
I really need a professional person to contact me not james bishop or joel or jeff or trae all salesmen zero customer service skills. I am not getting links to classes I paid for... So haven't been in a single mti class and this time around it has been in weeks. It happened constantly. No access.
This ignoring happens often.

I have a certificate for 1500 that they will not honor. I thought I had 6 months to a year paid on it chart feed. But no... And they took away all privileges to resource center, all live trader on demand videos and much more taken away every bit without my knowledge. All those are included with lifetime membership. I asked
Josh to please contact me direct or maybe he can have matt (his asst is caitlin) contact me. She referred me to bruce
Who acted professional then said can you hold please... I said sure. He had the balls to never return to the phone I called him many times
No answer just message machine and to this day has never called back. That was thanksgiving week 2017 it's now feb 7, 2018 still no response. I have been working with mti for almost 2 years
I have not made any $ at all. With the excitement I felt when I enrolled died quickly and turned out to be a customer service nightmare.
Josh is the chiefs (owner) son. I asked him to please please help and if he can't then please refund me and let me learn and trade elsewhere. It's not what I want but my home has went into foreclosure

Mar 04, 2018

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