Market Traders Institute (MTI)Fraudulent marketing and false guarantee

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From the onset in May 2010, Will Goldenberg of MTI exerted tremendous telephone marketing pressure akin to harassment aimed at inciting me to take the forex market course at MTI.
a) He would repeatedly say all I had to loose was $250., the amount that would not be reimbursed in the guarantee.
b) He never explained the terms of the guarantee even if I asked. How can a novice understand MTI’s unclear reimbursement conditions in the fine print without truly knowing what those conditions are? This is a scam trap to ensure that the client would never benefit from such guarantees.
c) He was quite pushy to get my signature and credit card number, exerting mental pressure to sign quickly even knowing I was reluctant. He said that if the Forex market was not for me after trying to learn, I would be reimbursed without question.
d) Furthermore, he said that I could learn it all through lessons at my own leisure at the rate of a couple of hours a day during a three months period.
e) He also knew full well that I would not benefit from the last condition of the onsite training because of travel distance and being cost prohibitive.
Your practices resemble fraudulent telephone marketing practices preying on naive and trustful clients.
Practices resemble fraudulent telephone marketing practices preying on naive and trustful clients.
Once registered, MTI products started giving me problems in a complicated arrangement which was supposed to be supportive. From the onset, Andy Hall asked a few questions to supposedly create a rapport with the student – but he had no time to listen to the answers; he would say that he would return to me and make promises of service that never came. He initially said that he would call in every Tuesday morning to check how the course was going and to answer any questions; he called once only. In your nebulous online distance education scheme, the client was expected to understand all the ramifications of MTI, the platforms used, the material presented, the operations of the institute, and to be available during daytime regardless of one’s other daily occupations or work. This was contrary to the initial treacherous telephone sell.
In the three months, I repeatedly complained about the technical difficulties with the online course and its material yet very little was done to alleviate the frustrations caused by the misfit. The misfit as I explained was that there was too much to learn quickly in using the software, accessing the classes by phone, and getting clear direction as to the syllabus and its functioning. In fact, after a complaint to W. Goldengberg, he sent me the syllabus two months into the course. To my surprise, this seemed clearer than two months earlier but there was little time left to complete the course. I stated that my motivation was weaning given the complexity of the MTI system and the sheer high demand on my time; he said I should return to lessons 4 & 5 to learn the basics and that I could be placed on a one-on-one tutorship. This never happened. My expression was clear that I understood that Forex trading was not for me, naively thinking that a reimbursement was in order. Goldenberg said that I should instead learn the basics. I was funder the understanding (following his initial sales pitch) that if I didn’t learn the material with confidence, there would be no questions asked and reimbursement was imminent.
Several weeks after further trials in August, I came to the conclusion that the MTI learning system was not leading to confident trading and that it would be ridiculous to continue.
I have found that MTI provided faulty technical support and poor instructor support. I was dissatisfied with the service and treatment from the beginning to the end. Every complaint along the way was not dealt with appropriately by MTI.
? I feel cheated and ripped off by MTI.
My request is for a full reimbursement as was verbally, initially promised by Will Goldenberg of MTI. All in all, MTI owes me $2, 750.00 for negligent, unsatisfactory service but they refuse to honor their fraudulous garantee .

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  • Js
      Nov 15, 2010

    I too, am experiencing difficulty in obtaining a $750 refund for my "no risk" experience. Your story sounds very familure as it hits so close to home. After months of calling, I have received a verbal authorization for my refund, but that was about 2 1/2 moths ago. I am close to my wits end and am very interested in how you make out. I do not intend to rest until something resonable transpires.

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  • An
      Jan 08, 2013

    It has been my experience that the staff at MTI make a lot of promises but seem to fall far short on delivery of those promises. I had technical difficulties with the Ultimate Traders Package. This program appears to have been put together rather cheaply but the price they charge is far from cheap.

    We are promised a lifetime of education, what we get is a lifetime of video that we can watch over and over and a lifetime of sales calls from the MTI sales goons trying to upsell us more of their overpriced products.

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  • Ge
      Apr 10, 2013

    Very dissappointed with the quality of service and product from MTI. The online videos and classes did not function well.
    The systems and other product was a major dissappointment. Did not get the service I expected and the so called "Professionals" - Analysts On Demand didn't seem to really know anything about Forex. They seemed to lack experience.

    It is my understanding that MTI has revamped it's money back guarantee and actually institituted a cancellation policy that appears to be legal. While that is great for new people, what about all of us who signed up before the new policies??? Lucks like tough luck Charley.

    Overall, the products is way too expensive for what you get in return and even with the new cancellation policy, not a good investment.

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  • Ge
      Jul 19, 2013
    Best Best Advice

    To all people here and i hope future reading ...
    Next Step Financial Holdings - and - Market Trader Institue and i'am sure all SUB-SUB-SUB companies they applied with
    MTI - are doing criminal fraud to there "customers" i will call them victims - like i'am. They will not ever pay money back !
    There is no refund to no one. Also no one will learn anyrhing from them - not ForeX Chief but FRAUD Chief may be !?
    I hope that many people will read these articles and BE AWARE from these criminal doings !
    You get no Bills, no Tax, no serious service - nothing - in no way trustable services - so is no trading company working !!
    Here some links how they work:

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  • Ae
      Sep 27, 2013

    Thank you so much guys and specially getset for information. I just had attended the webinar and the first thought stuck to my mind was to check their rapport. And I feel lucky that I found it on right time. I hope many others will be saved too.

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  • Dy
      Oct 01, 2013

    I attended their webinar too and was wholly disappointed. It appeared as a Time Share sales pitch, only much less professional. They make it seem all too easy to make money in the Forex, an industry where over 90% lose money.

    A friend of mine was not so fortunate, bought the Ultimate Traders Package and lost over 1, 000 PIPS following their advice. I have heard that the analysts on demand are not real traders but low paid employees who start advising clients with less than 1 month of training.

    The alerts and systems are basically a waste of money. FX Chief should change his name to FX Thief.

    Pass on these guys. You'll be glad you did.

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  • Ev
      Dec 15, 2013

    I agree with most of the comments i.e. HEAVY PUSHY Sales pitches. I truly must be a sucker for punishment because it only dawned on me after I bought my third training course (in my defence I enjoy learning) that I was paying for GROSSLY over-priced training material that's easily obtainable free in many other websites and that clearly MTI's main income stream is their training courses and not trading per se. I went through a patch where an estimated 80% of the so called tips from the experts totally flopped and I started smelling a rat (once again I was just way too patient and trusting). The training material was "kosher" (albeit seriously over-priced) but the so-called trading tips were clearly rubbish. I was making money following strictly the training material and then losing miserably thereafter following the trading tips from the EXPERTS. Recently I linked up with Forex TSD for about 1% of any MTI course and I've had 3 straight months of sustainable results (admittedly following the MTI training material BUT using Forex TSD's tools and NOT taking ANY tips AT ALL from MTI). I'm still a member of MTI training by virtue of having paid for my training material - that and only that keeps me linked to them. Their webinars ... nothing but HEAVY Sales pitches every time without fail.

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  • Fo
      Dec 17, 2013

    I am a Forex student looking for education. I reviewed many other websites and bought into the myth that MTI was a legitimate company, especially when I saw another website listing them as "Ripoff Proof" and a aproved company to do business with. I don't always believe negative reviews because you never know who is writing them and what their true intent is. So I naively bought the Ultimate Traders Package after attending one of MTIs webinars at a post Black Friday Special offering 40% off the list price. I figured this was a great offer and couldn't resist.

    Now almost three weeks later, I am in the red following the system, the alerts and advice by by mentor. I have to wonder how much real experience these so called "experts" really have trading.

    Now I am in the process of getting a refund but alas, it is not as easy as the sales representative made it sound when I enrolled. In the meantime, they are asking me to continue to attend client webinars and re watch the orginal webinar which is really a come on for the sales pitch.

    In another regard, Josh Martinez who I beleive is Jared Martinez's son does an ok job as a webinar pitchman, but not a great one. He leaves alot of loose ends and unanswered questions, probably deliberately to incite us to buy their overpriced products. Also he seemed bored at times and seemed to have a speech impediment. If this were on video I could imagine seeing him checking his wristwatch and wondering "How soon will this be over???"

    Would strongly advise against buying their product. Even at 40% off, it is still overpriced for what we get.

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  • Cy
      Apr 21, 2014


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  • Ph
      May 28, 2014


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  • Ph
      May 28, 2014

    i attended the webinar on friday, at the end i realised this is just another scam., since then i have had 3 phone calls from florida trying to persuade me. after reading all these forums, i am now convinced

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  • Ne
      Oct 14, 2014

    They are the worst i've ever encountered. what they sell as their ultimate traders package is nothing like the name claims it to be. it is incomplete, teaches you nothing about market movements and seasonal behaviours, timings of the day, structure etc etc, basically nothing that you really can use, their fibonacci based everything does not work except in hindsight, and all their systems are attached to their ugly and outdated charting software that you need to pay an arm and a leg for the subscription you are stuck with them if you want to use their systems since they only work on their platform. you will loose money with MTI that i can guarantee it which in turn will motivate you to consider buying more of their loosing systems since the one you have doesnt work to begin with. you will get harassed constantly with sales webinars disguised as teaching webinars. you are better off learning from a successful independant trader than deal with these clowns. Even their so called verified account that they claim to have gone from 500$ to 50k has been pumped up with several deposits along the way after the account had major drawdowns. the other accounts that they are so proud of? its only one month of profit tracked on myfxbook within the high season of forex movement where any idiot can be a genius during that time WITH ANY TREND FOLLOWING SYSTEM. Sorry i am not impressed, you have been warned. This is probably one of the least ethical company you will ever deal with.

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  • Pe
      Apr 16, 2015

    Hi, do you still feeling unsatisfied with MTI now?

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  • Ma
      May 27, 2015

    Hey everyone, I’m a representative at Market Traders Institute and I wanted to address some of the concerns on this forum.

    First off I wanted to thank you all for giving The Ultimate Traders Package on Demand™
    an honest try. (Everton511 we’re glad to hear you still use our training material.) I would also like to apologize for any inconvenience any of you are having. The last thing we want to do is cause stress for our students.

    While it is true that we inform our students about additional systems that could help them with their trading, we do our best to make sure that our team members do not overstep their boundaries. Our Education Specialists are dedicated to changing the lives of their assigned students. That’s why we email students consistent market updates and hold educational client-only webinars as a part of our no trader left behind mantra.

    As for our webinars, we do discuss our products throughout the duration and offer special deals for attendees. However, we also provide attendees with current market situations and in most of our webinars our hosts actually enter the live market, so you can watch them find trade setups.

    When it comes to our refunds, we would never fall back on our promise. Unfortunately, the process can be lengthy and we are working on trying to streamline this. We are sorry that some of you were not satisfied with our education, but we understand your concerns. We would like the opportunity to talk to each-and-every-one of you about your experiences and settle your refund cases on a one-to-one basis. In an effort to protect your privacy, please give us a call at [protected] ext. 283.

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  • Ge
      Jun 29, 2015

    I am going to have to disagree with many of the comments. When I signed up I asked for details on the cancellation policy and they were good at explaining them. I did sign up recently after a long phone conversation. They did allow me time to do my due diligence on them.
    I have had more detail conversations on webinars and phone calls on any trading questions or issues I had. They told me to call as many times as I needed to. They also answered any and all questions on the webcast and let me know that any question was acceptable and not dumb to ask.
    I have tried other training services (Options, day trading and stock signaling services) and by far these guys have been the best out there that I have tried. I think you get out of it what you put in to it. I was very skeptical, but they have met my standards for service and training.
    I can understand how some people have a bad experience, but the other thing I have learned is it will take time to be a good trader. I was asked what my income goals were and my time expectations. My answer was to replace my job. A person I knew well commented with the question: "how long did it take you to become good at your job and make the income that I make". I think that put the time expectations in a good perspective.
    Better luck for those of you that have not succeeded. I know it can be frustrating.

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  • Ro
      Oct 15, 2015

    I am going thru the course right now but I am getting a refund. Overall i think there program is pretty good and i have learned something from it and with focus I have had some success with it. I have some success without MTI but I was trying to up my game and my weekly pips. They made claims that there education would increase my pips quickly and gave me a 3 month trial. But in reality one of the CS people told me it takes 6 months to a year. They also made comments that would leave anyone to think that 1000 pips per week in a short period of time is reachable. It is for the most experienced and disciplined trader. The owner appears to be very good but in the end the novice cannot except that those results will occur. But in the end I am leaving because of the integrity of the salespeople. They are your front line of a company and dishonesty or over exaggerating something is wrong. Politicians do it all the time without any accountability. But the expectation is different with a business that so much depends on their customers and such a risky business.

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  • Ge
      Oct 15, 2015

    I cannot comment on Forex trading, but I have had good success with options and day trading. The day trading wasn't part of my expectations, but was a bonus. Trading as a whole is difficult to be very successful, but they did give me good fundamentals a good learning path. The rest was up to me to follow the process.
    Trading of any kind isn't for everyone, but I hope the best to anyone who tries.

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  • Ro
      Oct 15, 2015

    I agree, it is not a get rich quick takes a lot of commitment.

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  • Al
      Feb 05, 2016

    Says it all:

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  • Re
      Feb 24, 2016

    We have been a client for 2 years.

    The company has used a form of radio wave entrainment/radio frequency technology on its clients without their consent.

    This has been used abusively at times, I had a health condition which was interfered with.

    We are having to go through a customer service that is ignorant of it as well!

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  • Ct
      Jun 01, 2016

    Looks like Con Arts as I don't see any proof that they can trade themselves. But maybe incorrect. Need to see they can call trades. Part of any training should be doing the thing that the training is in. For example, if you take flying lessons, you should be able to watch the instructor fly and fly with the instructor. I don't see any trading real trading and trading records. So it looks like they don't know how to trade. There are many ways that a person can show he trades like trading competitions, on going trading track records, signal services, signal service that a broker can trade, collective2 trading records, myfxbook trading records, etc.

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  • Ct
      Jun 01, 2016

    Wow, $5, 995.00 to $7, 995.00 with 60 days guarantee. expensive.

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  • Hu
      Nov 06, 2016

    I have been with MTI for going on the 3rd month now. I have had about 3 years of a personal learning curve with binary options and then the forex as well as options and stock. I did all the hard basic work. Most of the stuff that is in the first few lessons of the UTP. With that being said, when I was struggling to execute and be confident in where to take a trade. What to expect and when to know to be in and when to know when to be out of a trade. I've read all the bad reviews of MTI and I just feel sad for the people who feel MTI is some bad scam artist company. I think they have some aggressive sales people, but in a business when you need customers your going to find driven salesmen or women and they might come across pushy. My account manager / mentor Richard is one of the best people I could have asked for in guidance within MTI. He goes out of his way to do things for us that he doesn't even need to do. He calls me I call him and sometimes we just talk for like an hour about what we are both doing in our personal lives and it's great to interact on that human level. I run a construction company and have been a worker and an owner and I've developed the feeling to read people fairly well, and unless he is a master manipulator he really cares what happens and if I succeed or not. I believe like he does if I have people under me and they fail I look at it like I have failed. I signed up with the Ultimate Traders Package for $5000 and set up a deposit of $500 and 12 months of payments, the first of which payment wasn't due for 60 days after the deposit of 500$. I hit the UTP hard, I did it for 2 hours every night after work and 6 - 8 hours a day on weekends, some weekdays I stayed up late doing it for 6 hours at night... Topps... I personally am an addict in whatever I take on. If I was going to do drugs I would be the world's best crack luckily I know myself and know I need to keep my addictions positive or else!!! anyway back to the UTP. After the first month, the ETR started the Elite Trading Room. This was great. Jared Martinez a.k.a "the chief" would present every Friday and set us up for Monday during the week he might present and then others would do it daily for 2 hours at 10 am -12 pm P.S.T. This was great for the month that I was in the room. I got a lot of knowledge and what to look for. I got all the manual of what the daily routines that the Chief does every day and so much more. Sorry Friday was the CTR Chiefs Trading Room. The ETR is weekly and the CTR is every Friday. Then after that, i got a phone call and they asked if I could pay the rest of my debts of my UTP they would let me settle for only 2000$ and on top of that let me choose any one of the ongoing courses for FREE. What a deal!! ok I said, I couldn't give then my credit card fast enough. Then 10 mins later I got another call. Maybe to some this might be annoying and I can see it puts pressure on new students and makes them feel a lot of unneeded pressure I get that. Maybe that one point MTI should work on. Not pushing right away and getting a feel for each student and finding out at what time to try and further them. but I also see the companies position. Anyway. I had just paid off my UTP and still had 1 year of charting well 9 months of charting left and now a free course, When they called 10 mins later I was still wishing I could have got the Super Fibonacci course, aka super fibs. or the FX leveling course. But the guy made me an offer I couldn't refuse he tried to sell me 25k worth of courses for 5k, I told him I didn't have the cash but I would take 1 course for 1k. He said to wait for the ill check that out . He came back and said it was fine and I got my second course for 1k I was so excited. The tools and value are just priceless to me. I have learned and gained so many skills just in the 3 months. I am even trading on my own making profits every week. Then my account manager told me about an offer I couldn't refuse. He said right now they are giving LIFETIME CHARTING ON THE UCS . I couldn't be more excited. I paid 3500$ for lifetime charting when the cost is $250 per month and it came with another free course of my choice for $500 more. so for $4000 dollars I do not have to worry about charting for the rest of my life, and if you're going to buy The courses from MTI try and get lifetime charting because you're going to need it to use the indicators. This time I got the Basket course which I love. UCS Ultimate Charting Software Is so user-friendly it saves me hours of doing fibs setting trend lines, omg just can't tell you how awesome they are. I now will just say, I have the UTP (ultimate traders package 2016), UCS ( ultimate charting software) for life, Power fibs, FX leveling, basket course. I also got 1 month with the ETR (elite trading room) and CTR (chief's trading room) all for $7500 used. To some that are a lot but to me that nothing, I've lost more learning to trade on my own in the first 6 months of my do it yourself. Don't get me wrong. You can go and do it all yourself, but I've come to learn you need a good mentor in this world. And if you really want to trade and be a trader it going to take some hard work and dedication, your going to need to fail, and learn hard, and have those ah hahaha moments, but just like anything good in life it doesn't come cheap nor without some blood, sweat, or tears. So I just want to say my name is hunter logan, I do not work for mti, I came across them on my own. They are my answer to help me fast track my success and the 7500$ I've paid so far I've made 1/3 rd back so far trading. And I'm confident I will look back at this decision in my life and be glad I didn't puss out and pulled the hammer and just went for it. Even when I was saying to myself well that's a lot of money, how can I afford it? Now I'm thinking how can I not afford to do it.! If you want success you better get lucky and hope your father is Jared Martinez or someone of the like. But if not and you cannot get a mentor for free and you want to trade forex, then MTI is what is going to teach you to be your own man. What do they say, you can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, or teach a man to fish and feed him for life? I think that suits my point that I'm trying to get across to anyone who has read this far, If you have read all this then you are looking to succeed. And don't be thrown off by the haters who just are disappointed that it just didn't fall in their lap and the success code wasn't downloaded into their brain like this is the matrix. You have to take the time to learn and then put it into practice, You are going to do this, but over time. And as time goes on you will get better and better. hunter trips at Gmail is where you can reach me if you want to talk directly or over the phone, I will speak to you on the telephone if you contact me by email first. hope my short story helps you in your choice. Also if you talk to MTI tell them, Hunter Logan, a fellow student referred you. You should get a good deal !!!

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  • Pa
      Jul 30, 2019

    @Hunter Logan I have been with MTI since 2007 and have almost all the continue education courses, I love the people, they have been there for me even when I was short on money, my counselor got me Free extra months for the charts and other things. Yes the courses are expensive, but my problem have been that the courses contradict with each other, when I check them to get confirmation 2 could say Buy and other 2 could say Sell. So far I haven't make any profit, even with the ones that are with Auto-Trading (Robot). I have study T.A. with them for years and I believe I know everything they have teach me but still, looks like I am MR. Salty... even the robots loss with me... But they are always there, never let you behind like the Marines.. of course they want to sell their products, but that is call Business, we can't blame them for that, but their education if for real, and they are good people

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  • Hu
      Nov 07, 2016

    also here is a quick screen shots of a few trades of researched and found as winning trades and got into a few hours ago. See with study and time you can do great things my friends. Not sure if you can see them but its AUD/CAD, buy ... ADU/USD, sell ... EUR/AUD, sell ... GBP/NZD, sell ...

    right now im loosing AUD/USD but confident its still retracing just got in at the .618 instead of the .782 for all you studying the UTP you will know what i mean!!! lol
    but over all net P/L $ 36.12 with 51 pips and im only tading 0.10 lots that $1 dollar per pip. hold on bmw store when i start with the standard lots $10 per sucess feels good my friends, strive for that drive and make it dont break it and feel discouraged, If i can do it you can do it, Contact me if you need help huntertripps at gmail. take care !

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  • Co
      Mar 02, 2017

    I believe it is a scam because their charts do not correlate to reality. One of their latest products is the momentum breakout strategy. It's a red light green light system based on renko bars. After viewing their webinar I spoke with Chris Murphy and asked if each renko brick is the same size as the others. He said they were the same size. I emailed him a picture of a chart from their webinar and also a standard price chart and asked for an explanation why their charts don't correlate to reality. Although many points were roughly similar there were many points that their chart presented misleading information which would make it look like you are winning when in fact you are losing money. Chris sent me several more advertisements to purchase their products but never responded to why their charts don't match reality. During the phone call Chris told me they have contests for writing positive reviews online. The contest winners receive free software. So be wary of positive reviews about them. The attached pictures are GBP/JPY from Dec 22 2016 to Feb 23 2017. Notice the retracement difference at the indicated area where I drew a magenta line. Their chart shows a retracement of 40 pips or less but the real price chart shows a retracement of about 375 pips. I advise anyone to steer clear of these folks.

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  • Sa
      Jul 27, 2017

    @Concerned Trader Dear Concerned Trader.
    I hope I am not the first to point this out, but the Renko chart you post on the right cuts off Jan 30th somewhere and does not show the full retracement you indicate with your magenta line in the daily chart on the left that goes well into February. The upswing on the right of the Renko chart is part of the Jan 30th candle price movement in the middle of the left chart.
    Both charts match reality.

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  • Tr
      Apr 06, 2017

    The Forex Market is the Wild West of scams. Why would anyone take lessons from an Instructor if it is not verified that the Instructor actually knows how to trade ? It's that simple people. Ask for verified performance stats aka his/hers P & L records for a minimum of the last 2 years !

    Report Scammers - rewards offered.

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  •   Jun 14, 2017

    @Trigger212 Oh My God.why are all this scammer everywhere, that is how i was once scam by one so called binary options trade, i never new it was scam until i lost a lot of money to them, until i found at the great platform and broker which help me in recovering all my money...i will love to introduce to you the broker if you are interested

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  • Tr
      Jul 17, 2017

    @ronland smith Hello Ronland smith, i read your comment on, my name Tri Komara Yeti from Indonesia, i also get scam software so now we have debt, could you help send us by emai to : tri.[protected], which one the truth software and realible good broker, so i can follow them. thank you very much

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  • Tk
      Aug 04, 2017

    @ronland smith Hello Trigger212, could you please send us by email to : tri.[protected], about the great platform and a good broker which help you recovering your money since before you have lost with scam software.
    Thank you very much, we also lost our money during used the scam software. thanks from Tri Komara Yeti, Indonesia

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  • Ta
      Aug 23, 2017

    The government needs to investigate this company, They sell a product without telling you that it is conditional on buying another one for the first product to work. They are ripping people off thousands of dollars and thats how they are getting rich quick. They are guilty of fraud. You have to go through so much back and forth in order to get your money back. I hope that everyone would read these complaints before giving these people your hard earned money. Not worth it.

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  • Me
      Apr 02, 2019

    I took the MTI Market traders institute course. The sales pitch was aggressive and having paid the 5000 USD, I started eagerly learning the material. Some of the videos seemed quite good, but my progress was slowed down by their sales e-mail and videos. They have a refund policy, under which if you watch all their courses within a time limit, you may receive full refund. No risk right?

    My conclusion is that their business model is to get customers suckered in, then bombard them with upselling other courses and make sure they are not able to complete the course in time due to this and the long duration of their videos. The videos take much longer to watch than promised and some are live events, as to lower your chances of completing them in time. Their course has a progress tracking system, which gets stuck at some point, so that you cannot verify your progress.

    I made my claim to be refunded some 2 weeks before the claim time was over. At first they played some time and did not answer all my questions related to refund. I ended up taking more of the online courses than required, took screenshots from beginning and the end and even made some questions as these sessions were then uploaded to their website, so that I would have evidence. They were tracking the attendance on the webinars and claimed that I had not attended all from beginning to the end.

    I believe I would not have been refunded, had I not made a fraud charge to the credit card company. Suddenly they agreed to refund me. Even at this stage they still tried to keep 500 USD, based on a clause in the contract, which however was unrelated to my case. I made my point, kept tracking my credit card and was finally given the full refund.

    My advice is not to buy any of their courses. In one of their training videos the founder Mr. Martinez tells a story of someone he knew, who was a not an honest person and gets on a high horse, how honesty is important for him. Market traders institute should make a video of all the people whom they have cheated and how they use all the dirty tricks in the book to depart you from your money.

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  • Mu
      Sep 07, 2019

    This company should be banned in USA. They are doing criminal activities by promising things that they can not fulfill. A class action law suit is under way, if anyone of you would like to join, please reply. Thank you.

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  • Ju
      Sep 13, 2019

    @Munir Ahmed Hi Munir Ahmed What the best way to contact you and get more information.

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  • Ty
      Sep 13, 2019

    @Munir Ahmed Hello Munir Ahmed and Justin, my name is Tyler Larson and I am the Director of student success here at MTI and I would like to chat with you to see exactly how I can help you help. I believe customer satisfaction is the most important part in our organization and I will like to see how I can help you with your issues or concerns. Please call me at [protected] or email me at [protected] Look forward to hearing from you both!

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  • Mu
      Sep 14, 2019

    @Justin Jones 03 Hello Justin, did you experience deception by MTI? We will contact you, please mention city and state? We have gathered information of many victims at this point.

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  • Fx
      Sep 22, 2019

    I so wish I had found this website a long time ago. I have read the other reviews on here about MTI and based on my own experiences I can guarantee you that they are all true. I have over two years’ experience with MTI and I really do suspect that any positive reviews are fake. You really do need to avoid these MTI con-men like the plague.

    I have spent many thousands of pounds with MTI on their courses and strategies (I have listed them all below). Not one of these strategies has ever managed to make a single return. All of them have lost me money. The performance of their automated strategies and EAs are so bad that in the end you simply just HAVE to turn them OFF. It's either that or lose your entire trading account.

    I mentioned above that MTI are 'con-men' and I choose this word very deliberately and accurately. MTI know exactly what they are doing and they are exceptionally good at what they do - and that is "selling" trading products. (Con-men are good at inspiring 'confidence' - that's why they are called con-men - that's what they do.) Do not be fooled into thinking that MTI exists for any other reason than to take your money. I was with MTI for a couple of years before I finally managed to snap out of it, to wake up and realize that I'm simply being conned. If you study the format of their free webinars, you start to see the exact same pattern of marketing gimmicks and hype, and the very same cherry-picking of charts and recent price action to demonstrate "how much you could have made." Well stop right there - because that is NOT proof.

    In context of the above, let me refer now to another review on here which raises a vitally valid point (a review that I wish I'd read before I'd ever heard of MTI). The ONLY proof there is that a trading strategy works is in the results of a tracked, REAL MONEY, LIVE trading account. And of course this makes so much sense when you think about it. MTI's courses and strategies 'look' profitable when they showcase them to you in their free webinars. This is because they only show you a few currency pairs within favourable market conditions. But what about all the other market conditions over a period of 6 months to a year? This is when you realize that the strategy or EA is not profitable after all. I've learned this the hard way. I hope I can save you from the same fate. NEVER purchase a course or strategy unless the results are backed up with verifiable, real money trading account activity and history. Don't you think that MTI would show you the results of REAL money, live trading accounts for their strategies and EA's if they were able to? Of course they would. The fact that they don't is all the proof you need.

    Here are all of the courses, strategies and EA's that I've purchased from MTI in date order. They've all lost money (all typically within the regions of 25% to 35% loss of the trading account before I simply had to dump them or turn them off):

    Introduction to Forex Foundations

    This course I initially thought was really good and I felt was packed extensively with information about the market moving in waves through the ABC to D Extension Fibonacci sequence. I applied this knowledge and the trading strategy for approximately 3 to 4 months. I lost around 60% of my trading account. I put this loss down to being just not conversant enough yet, and considered that with more practice and patience I would improve. To date I've never yet made a single profit from applying MTI's ABCD Fibonacci sequence. Of course I've closed trades out in profit. But I've lost one hell of a lot more! And so it goes.

    Josh's Mastermind Club + Josh's Trade Copier + FX Chief Trade Copier

    I received an email (an 'up-sell) about the possibility of 'earning while learning'. This was accompanied by a fantastic webinar explaining how I simply couldn't fail but to make money. I could follow Josh's Trades and the FX Chief's trades, and make money whilst learning and honing my skills at the same time. Makes perfect sense, right? Well, in some fantasy land other than the real world that we're living in, yes. I turned off both Josh's and the Chief's Trade Copier when I each of those separate accounts exceeded 30% loss of capital. I wrote an email to Daniel Santiago (my account rep) and asked for an explanation. If Josh and the Chief are so knowledgeable in the markets and so expert in trading, why the hell are both of the trade copier accounts losing money? A LOT of money! Is the trade copier broken or something - what's going on?! I received no reply. I still have the log of the trades which were taken. The Chief's trade Copier (Jarred Martinez) was over 4000 pips down (yes, you did read that right). It just had to be turned off. Both of them did.

    In hindsight, when I look back, alarm bells should have been ringing at this point and I should have cut my losses and run away from this company as fast as I could and never looked back. But this is where MTI excels - they know how to keep you hooked, they know how to exploit your ambition to be a great trader and your keen desire for success. Trust me - they are VERY good at what they do. Their 'up-sells' and promotion directly target and reinforce every good reason you had to invest in them in the first place - you can 'trust' them to deliver the solution so you can become great trader and make a lot of money.

    Target Trading 2.0 + Target Trading 3.0 + Automation

    Target Trading was apparently Chris Pulver's creation, which was then fostered by Gary Fichardt and honed and improved.

    Target Trading 2.0 is simply NOT viable for anyone who cannot stomach extremely long periods (many, many months) of excessively high draw down and who is not willing to give excessively high amounts of money back to the market, on what can be anything up to 1000 pip stop losses on each of the pairs. To trade this strategy (and make any money) you need one heck of lot of money to start with.

    Target Trading 3.0 and automation was developed by Gary Fichardt in an attempt to address and remedy the flaws and drawbacks of Target Trading 2.0. Gary has recently and openly admitted that Target 2.0 needs a review and that he's working on it. But this 3.0 solution also fails. I turned off Target 3.0 automation after about 6 weeks as it was clear and evident that it was incapable of holding onto any of its profit. What it made one week, it would simply give back the next and more. Useless.

    Master Swing Trader + Opening Bell Striker with Automation

    These were also creations of Gary Fichardt. And each of these strategies is virtually the same identical thing as the next, but with the simple addition of another indicator - i.e. an awesome oscillator, or a kumo cloud, or a couple of moving averages or whatever. Same basic thing. And all with the same basic incapacity to actually make a consistent profit over long periods of time. Do you like giving two or three weeks of profit back to the market and then some? I didn't think so - and neither do I!

    Ultimate Market Amplifier Auto

    This was created by Chris Pulver. He claimed to have been using this very same strategy successfully for 10+ years. This course, strategy and EA is hands down the absolute WORST performing thing I've had the misfortune to have purchased. The webinar was fantastic though. I really thought that this was going to be the one. What an absolute joke! After two weeks of deployment I wrote to my account rep Daniel Santiago to express my concerns. The typical no reply followed that - they don't like answering difficult questions. I dumped the EA immediately. A couple of weeks later Chris Pulver had introduced new elements into the EA in an attempt to improve its performance. I noticed the manual had changed also - this time with instructions about which market conditions would be best to deploy the EA on, and how to use it on a 'hybrid' basis. Basically, MTI had received a lot of flak about this strategy/EA and they did what they could to make it better. (Are you starting to see the pattern here and starting to understand why MTI does not show you real money account trading statistics for the strategies that it develops? And now you know why: they simply DO NOT WORK)

    FX Market Flow + Twin Daily Breakout with Auto

    These were the creations of Tian Kriek. Regarding the first one, FX Market Flow, this never was made available in MT4 (as promised) because I know that they couldn't fix the inherent problems with the MACD in MT4. So this was available only in the Smart Trader platform. I literally followed Tian in real time logging trades and recording performance in Google docs ... until that practice just suddenly came to a complete stop. FX Market Flow is incapable of making any profit. Let's not keep up with a record of that, eh Tian?

    Twin Daily Breakout was claimed to be making 2500+ pips per month and (in the webinar I watched) was mis-sold by Tyson Clayton as being a consolidation breakout strategy (very similar to a market profile range, for example). It was actually a session high, session low breakout strategy and not at all what I was expecting. The automation that we were promised never did get developed until nearly 2 months later. Every request for a refund was completely ignored by the support department and my account rep Daniel Santiago. MTI takes money; it does not give it back. I never did give this strategy a full try out. Once I actually saw what the strategy really was, well I didn't even need to. If you deploy this on an as-is basis, without aligning it with market sentiment and underlying fundamental bias, you will lose money. Again, same with all the courses, it's just another way for MTI to make money, not you.

    Power Fundy Course

    It's a nice concept, but if only the reality was really that simple. Ask any trader who has a solid understanding in fundamental analysis, then you will be told in no uncertain terms that simply executing a trade on a 3 month high or low upon economic data release is a recipe for failure. It just does not work like that. The other problem with MTI's Power Fundy program is that it is seriously delayed and lagging. Whilst Power Fundy is still spinning its 'waiting' icon, most of the trading world already has the result of the economic data and the market is moving in reaction to it. I actually took a real time snapshot of this whilst plugged into a Ransquawk live data feed. Power Fundy is a joke.

    MTI's Ultimate Market Scanner

    I tried this out for 3 days on a $1.00 special offer price. After the trial, I phoned the lady back who sent me the offer (I think it was Linda or something like that). I asked why is it that every single one of the currency pairs that Ultimate Market Scanner recommended to me (as the best, highest probability trades) lost money. Do you want to know the actual answer I received? You won't believe me but here it is: "What do you expect for one dollar?!" Yes, that's really the mentality you'll have to deal with at MTI. Incredible. Obviously, I didn't sign up for Ultimate Market Scanner. I've also worked out why it appears that Ultimate Market Scanner is so accurate when it shows its percentages. Because it only tracks and displays the percentage for its WINNING trades. It does not keep a rolling record of its LOSING trades and therefore does not show a true statistic between the two data points. This is such a blatant con and biased misrepresentation and manipulation of data, it is incredible.

    Six Figure and Six Figure Max with Automation

    Well, let it be known at the outset that I have heard both Chris Pulver and Gary Fichardt highlight the flaws and inaccuracy of the Six Figure Course and strategy whilst in education webinars. Chris Pulver mentioned it in order to justify the creation of Six Figure Max, and I heard the same thing from Gary Fichardt when talking about his new Smart Waves Course. So we all know that Six Figure is not after all as amazing as the Chief said it was. No need to discuss it further here. So what about Six Figure Max? Well, listen, it wiped out 29% of one of my accounts on auto. Does that sound like it works to you? I traded it on the exact same currency pairs as recommended by FX Chief Jarred Martinez. So of course at 30% loss of capital, I turned it off. In June of this year (2019) a Facebook page and group emerged for the Six Figure Max course. I posted on this group and asked people to present verified real account trading statistics. Only one did: his name was Keith Boss. Outside the recommended parameters, he was trading all currency pairs. And indeed he was up there in healthy profit. This was a surprise, as myself and others could only comment that our own accounts were taking net losses. At the time of writing ( 21st September) Keith Boss has since posted and confirms that his wins represented the first week of trading only and that now his account is in minus, at a 10% loss of capital. He has turned the SFM EA off, and now only trades it on a demo account. Similarly, just under his post, you have Kyle Grisham reporting overall net loss (nearly 50% loss of his account). Within the same post, one Gerald Loyd also reports complete discouragement and quotes Chris Pulver in that there are market conditions when SFM simply not work. And that really does sump up everything. It really is time to get off the MTI merry-go-round guys!

    World Wealth Gauge
    I really did hold out great promise for the World Wealth Gauge. It was developed primarily by Tyson Clayton. It is supposed to measure real time ‘Risk-On/Risk-Off’ sentiment. I am a proponent of fundamental analysis and saw this is a viable ‘hack’ to drilling accurately straight into the current fundamental bias of a currency stemming from underlying Central Bank Monetary Policy etc. I’m going to say that the jury is still out on this one. I think it does measure the general tone of risk on/off sentiment fairly okay. But fundamental analysis is really not that simple. Do you know if you’re trading upon the strength of a currency or in fact the weakness of another, and do you know the underlying economic reasons for this pressure? If you don’t know, then you’re just driving blind. To use the World Wealth Gauge for currency selection is a bit like reading the title of a book but then not bothering to read the rest of its content to find out what it’s really about and what’s really going on. So the World Wealth Gauge doesn’t really tell you anything useful at all. There is no ‘lazy way’ or quick and sure-fire hack to fundamental analysis. You have to take the time to study the true economic driving forces in present time. Stocks don’t necessarily present a truly reliable and accurate correlation as to which specific currency you should or shouldn’t be buying or selling against another. I can actually demonstrate this right now and I can use Tyson Clayton’s own Facebook post to prove it. At the beginning of the first week of June 2019, Tyson held a live WWG Challenge. He used the trade recommendations of the World Wealth Gauge and posted a new video each day to track the progress and results. It was in Week 2, Day 2 that Tyson had to start going against his own WWG rules and needed to get creative and ‘manage’ the trades he was in. It was the 12th June and he was trying to buy the NZD/USD, with 4 or 5 positions open. To the credit of the World Wealth Gauge, the NZD/USD was not any longer highlighted as a favourable buy. But personally, in line with fundamentals at that time, I don’t think it ever should have been in the first place. The NZD/USD resumed selling pressure for the entire week. Tyson levelled in and tried to manage what would have otherwise ended in a loss. Do you want to know when the NZD/USD reversed from selling pressure to buying pressure? On the 17th June – on the very exact day and very exact time of the releases of: FOMC Economic Projections, FOMC Statement, Federal Funds Rate, FOMC Press Conference and NZD GDP q/q. This was USD weakness, not NZD strength. When did the NZD start selling off again? Well, the RBNZ was DOVISH. Its monetary policy was a likely cut in interest rates. The market mover (the impetus) was again from the US Dollar’s corner showing renewed strength on July 16th: USD Core Retail Sales, Fed Chair Powell Speech and FOMC Member Evans Speech. The NZD has sold off and hasn’t looked back since.
    World Wealth Gauge? Not really. I think the best analogy is that it’s like trying to drive using the rear-view mirror. And consistent to form (in typical MTI style) you never will get to see any REAL money trading account statistics. Again, it’s all just talk, talk, talk. For a reason.

    Smart Gauge

    At the time of writing, MTI has just developed what it calls the Smart Gauge. And it's yours for the low price of $4000. It has been developed as a solution to the very problem that MTI created in the first place: i.e. too many indicators and courses all pointing in slightly different directions, which obviously creates confusion, information overload, conflicting signals and trades winning and trades losing to the same degree, and overall heightened paralysis by analysis. The Smart Gauge is a tool that will assess ALL of your indicators and oscillators at once and provide you with a clear buy/sell output signal based on an aggregated average of all of those indicators combined. Bull***t!

    Do you know that they even called their new Smart Gauge Video “Smart Gauge Hype.” I’m sure that this must have been an error and they didn’t mean to publish that title. ‘Hype’ it really is! Look up the precise definition. Incredible.

    MTI will simply continue to create an ever-expanding store of worthless trading products and no-good red and green flashing gizmos for as long as people are stupid enough to keep buying them.

    Yes, I will admit that my own stupidity has been taken for a long run there. But here it ends. A new law could well be introduced: if a forex product developer cannot prove that a strategy can make a profit on a real money account, then they have no right to claim otherwise. Never buy a trading product unless it has a verifiable trading history and, real money tracked record.

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