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My primary disputes are the appraisal not being completed by the date promised for my closing date which cause me to lose the property I was trying to purchase. Appraiser advertises on yelp a two day turn around!! This appraisal almost took two weeks!!
In addition to this issue the merchant did not complete an accurate appraisal nor try and make corrections. The appraiser omitted 702 square feet and the value associated with this amount of square footage. They refused to explain the reason why and further explained I was not their client!! I contacted the bureau of real estate appraisers and filed a complaint as well as disputed the charge with my credit card company. I got other opinions from real estate appraisers in san francisco which stated the appraisal was poorly prepared. I have to find a reputable company to accurately appraise my property and that has legitimate business practices. This company wanted the payment up front and in full before they commence the appraisal, that should have been the red flag of what to expect. I did not benefit in any way from the inaccurate appraisal and should not have to incur charges for services not rendered. There are many good appraisers in san francisco. You better skip this one because they are only looking out for $$$ not service

Mar 18, 2017

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