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Markatos Cleaning Services Inc. / Refuses to pay for damage done in our home

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The first damage we knew about was done on August 19, 2010. Today is November 14, 2010 and we have yet to be compensated. As this company promises to deal with any kind of problem "promptly" and promises 100% customer satisfaction I would like to first off state I find this to be quite the contrary. I don't consider the span of time it has taken to get them to respond at all "prompt" and the excuses they come up with not to take responsibility are nothing short of lame. From claiming the glass votive they dropped leaped up off the floor to claiming they were not given a "bill" there responses via the BBB have been ridiculous. We did turn this matter over to the BBB but thus far have had no results other than the service waiting until the time limit has lapsed then responding with anything and everything but fair compensation. In the interim we discovered yet more damage done by these careless folks. Do NOT hire them if you care about your furniture. They will repeatedly ram their cheap vacuum cleaners around the legs of the finest furniture. When asked to "dust" the backs of designer blinds they again were caught in the act of vacuuming the delicate cloth backs and it just then dawned on me that had to be the way the string was broken weeks earlier. Mystery solved, but of course we don't expect them to take responsibility for that any more than they have the $400.00 worth of damage they did to one piece of furniture they dropped a very pointed heavy glass candle votive onto. It rolled... the points left several gouges before hitting the carpet. Our furniture expert is Solano's furniture. Because we have nice furniture and several restored antiques we are familiar with and very satisfied with the work they do. This is about TWO companies now. One we would never ever allow back in our home Markatos Cleaning Services Inc. Nor would we allow anyone they might recommend. Thus the "furniture expert" they offered to send two months after they did the damage was too little too late. We want our furniture repaired by our expert and the cost for that is $400.00. We have made this abundantly clear to Markatos Cleaning Services, Inc. and the latest reply is laughable. They have told the BBB that we did not provide them with a "bill." We called them numerous times and told them the cost of the damage. We stated the damage in every correspondence between them, us, and the BBB, we posted the cost of damage online, we sent them a message via their own website stating the cost of repair, and on the day we got the estimate we had them speak directly with the OWNER of Solano's Furniture Restoration who will be doing the repair. He at that time told Susan Markatos very clearly what the damage was and what would be needed to restore the furniture to the condition it was before the damage Markatos did to it. This conversation took place exactly THREE WEEKS AFTER the damage was done. Markatos was given that much time to do "something" to resolve this problem. They asked me to call my furniture repair expert and I did. At the time of the damage I didn't know how severe it was. I am not the expert. I trust the company that has for years taken care of all of our good furniture: Solano's Furniture Restorations, Inc. 731 S. 4th Street, Philadelphia, PA. We have not asked them yet for an estimate to the rest of the damage we found including a chip out of an antique chest they already restored for us and it was in mint condition, a china cabinet in our dining room which we purchased brand new, and nicks on the legs of the very dresser that the cause of our first complaint. In addition to the damage to furniture Markatos Cleaning Services still holds our property they were given on the day the damage was done. The crystal and brass candle holder that held the glass votive they broke was not damaged. They promised to find an acceptable replacement which was never done. They later claimed that they credited or credit card $60. We never asked for anything but a comparable replacement votive and the return of our property. We asked them to provide the date they did this so we can check our records. No reply from them.

I would like to point out that Markatos Cleaning Services were promptly paid by us every time they cleaned our home in spite of the damage they did. We trusted them to take care of said damage. Several weeks later we dismissed them and at that time again made it clear they owed us $400.00 for the damage we had Solano's assess and the return of the candle stick and glass votive with some compensation for the piece they broke that will be difficult to replace in that it is from decades past... a Party Lite product that has long since been discontinued.

Never once has Markatos given us a "bill" yet they were paid promptly. They told us the cost and we agreed to pay it. Thus we expect them to compensate us for the cost of DAMAGE they did in our home.

And that damage exceeds the $400.00 we have asked them for!!!

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      8th of Dec, 2010
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    Dear Katrina,

    I am sorry for your unpleasant experience. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work. We work hard to make things right when accidents happen. Thank you for submitting the invoice for the repairs to your dresser. We received your invoice on Friday November 26th and mailed a check on Monday November 29th.

    Markatos Services

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      11th of Jan, 2011
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    To address the following comments above, I would like to start off by sincerely apologizing for any inconveniences we have caused this customer. Here at Markatos Services, we take any and all complaints very seriously; otherwise we would not stamp our last name on our company title.

    We, as most companies, are not perfect, but we do strive to be as flawless as possible. Customer satisfaction, respect of others and their belongings, and most of all trust is what we stand for here at Markatos Services. We strongly believe in treating your home as if it was our very own.

    Markatos Services has provided the following customer with the exact amount that was promptly requested. We have the paperwork to confirm the dates to which this customer was accredited $60 and given a $400 check for the accused damage. Again, our apologies go out to this unsatisfied customer.

    As a family owned and operated service for over the past 25 years, we have built our business on referrals from existing satisfied customers. To hear this type of review is very upsetting to us as a family and operating company.

    We strive to deliver the most professional service, with the highest standard of quality. Moving forward, while growing our business, we will continue to display the spirit, dedication, drive and energy to achieve new levels of service excellence. You, our valued customers, play a key role in achieving our vision. We will focus on your needs, listen and respond, to exceed your expectations.

    Markatos Services

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      15th of Jan, 2011
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    We began our association with Markatos Cleaning Service in the last century— and for many years they have been cleaning our 2500-square–foot 4-bedroom home bi-weekly. The services are reliable and efficient and are offered at a very fair price. Although we have had many different employees on various Markatos cleaning teams over the years, three things have remained consistent: Susan Markatos has always been an excellent customer service professional, accommodating our requests for shifts in schedule or vacation “skips” cheerfully; the crews have been energetic and professional whenever we might have been present during their visits (infrequently, but often enough to see the pattern); and Susan has consistently responded to concerns about inevitable mishaps like breakage or spills promptly and without evasion.

    Susan’s cooperative flexibility and good communication is all part of the Markatos’ personal approach to business: Susan frequently visits homes where her crews will be working in order to monitor quality of service, and she and takes time to familiarize herself with the particular features and tasks that identify each residence.

    Although my husband and I both work full time, we have occasionally have reason to be at home when the crew is there, and each time we have found them friendly but professional and very consistently on task. The quality of their work removes any suspicion that their efficiency and focus is a “show” for us.

    Of course, any cleaning effort that is pursued with gusto is vulnerable to accidental mishaps, and over our long association there have been more a than a few mini-catastrophes. Once the crew spilled bleach on the wall-to-wall carpet in the upstairs hall, discoloring a few spots from beige to white. Susan assumed total responsibility for this, finding and hiring a specialist in carpet repair to match the color. Another time, a Lladro figurine that was a very special gift from friends in Spain was dropped and broken, and without hesitation Susan offered to reimburse us at the rate of its current value (which was significantly higher than when we got it, as we discovered with the help of the internet!). With no questions asked, she accepted our figure and offered immediate reimbursement. While that did not eliminate the sense of loss, it was a demonstration of accountability that was deeply impressive to us. On several other occasions, I have called Susan if I found that the crew missed something in their work or did not complete an expected task. Without exception, she has responded in support of the customer (our family) and “made it right” through reimbursement or “comped” cleanings. And the service doesn’t place the burden of recognizing the mistake on the client: Whenever there is a mishap, a signed note is left by the crew leader detailing the damage and the circumstance.

    We first hired Markatos’ Services because of the excellent word-of-mouth recommendations of our friends and neighbors; and through the years we have referred many of our friends and neighbors to this service. Their personal and friendly approach to caring for our home is a great combination of large-firm professionalism and small-firm warmth. Someone who has somehow failed to see the benefits of this hybrid approach may ask, “Why would I want a crew in my home that might break something?” My reply to that person is, “When people are really getting in there and doing the job, accidents can happen. What I want is a crew that works hard enough to actually CLEAN my home, not just rearrange the toss pillows—and business owners who understand the importance of trickle-down ethics: Integrity in service starts at the top.

    Susan and Harry Markatos have kept our business for almost two decades because they’ve never lost our trust.

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