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When we moved into Level at 16th it was owned by a different management company who was great! We never had any issues with them and loved being there. Almost a year into our lease, Mark Taylor took over as the management company and it was a complete disaster. The front office staff was absolutely terrible and provided terrible terrible service. We ended up renewing our lease as we were looking for our first home and ended up being in the same apartment at Level at 16th for nearly 2.5 years. We had an issue with billing when our second lease ended. For the first two years we were on an automatic billing system from our checking account. Once we went month to month we had to bring a check into the office. The second month in this state happened to fall on a holiday weekend and we were out of town. We went in the office first thing Tuesday morning as the office was closed for the holiday as well and they charged us a $75 fee. The girl in the leasing office, Andrea Felix, was so incredibly rude! We asked if there was any way to waive the fee as it was our first time in 2.5 years of ever being late and it was due to the holiday. She told us no as we had been late before which was untrue as we were set up on automatic payments. Regardless of how rude she was we paid the fee and let it be. From that point on she was continuously rude. When we finally moved out, we did the final walk through with the maintenance guy and handed our keys in that day. There were a couple of minor things he noted such as nail holes from pictures but nothing out of the normal. We later received a bill for over $300 stating that the apartment was dirty and that we had turned our keys in a day late which was an absolute lie. We called corporate and they said unfortunately there was nothing they could do as it was only based on what they local office said and guess who wrote up the report even though she was there that day, ANDREA FELIX! That office completely lied and stole our money as we paid the final statement so that it would not affect our credit.

Andrea Felix was complained about on a couple of occasions to the office manager because of her terrible attitude and customer service. She has since been vindictive and flat out lied resulting in us paying over $300 for things that are simply not true. Ultimately we would like to be reimbursed for the fees that were a complete lie and exaggeration. We were happy to pay what was truly owed but not be completely run over like this by someone who is just mean and vindictive. We will never ever recommend Mark Taylor communities because of this and were honestly very disappointed. We were good tenants for over two years and this has completely soured the experience for us.

Aug 23, 2016

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