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MARK of Yes we can financial services / Fraud!!!

1 516 monceaux rd#aWest Palm Beach, FL, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 216-323-0077

I responded to a listing from yeswecanfs around march 8, 2009, the person I spoke to was "MARK", after putting me through an extensive interview with him and Rebecca Jones, they said I could be reseller and sent me the paperwork, I of course said I have to see if the program works before I bring others to it.

I signed up for the no money down program and I have the paperwork to prove it, under this program which MARK handles all paperwork, you the client pay for the tradelines on the backend, out of your first round of funding which they charged 20% of the total amount funded, so the tradelines cost 6, 000$, plus 20% of the total amount, so if you got 50, 000, that would be 6000$ plus 10, 000 which is 16, 000 to MARK and 34, 000 to you and you have to pay the 50, 000 back.

The whole process was to take 45 days, 30 days for tradelines and 10 for loan to process, it's may 19, 2009 and I have not recieved my tradelines, and of course MARK has changed the plan now to a escrow account and claims it can be done in 10 days, when you ask him about the old no money down program he will say everybody got the tradelines and never paid, well that would include me (dexter brady, my cell is [protected]) and I'm still waiting on my tradelines and I never refused to pay him for services he did, because I wasn't suppose to until he did the work and he was to get paid off the top anyway so I don't see how anybody would be that dumb to set a business up to screw themselves and futhermore lie on people like that.

Mark also is gonna tell you he only deals with valid cpns, which he says has a letter that comes from the IRS, he will also charge 350$ for this number if you let him do it, don't do it because when you get the letter from the IRS it will be for a ein number which is free from the IRS, go to IRS website, the number is free, what he claims as a legit company is not true.

When I asked about my tradelines april 17, 2009, he claims the feds shut it down, cracked down and it was a 2 month hold up on tradelines, I can't remember the last time the Feds shut down and cracked down on a legal business, pay attention, in order to business with MARK you have to send a photocopy of your Id and your social security number, but he will not give you his last name, I don't know any legit businessman that only does business in his first name, also the area code for his phone is Ohio, but his paperwork says or he will say he is in Florida, business 101 tells you to have a phone listed in the area code in which you do business, if not it sends a red flag

MARK flat out lied to a few of my friends calling to get info about this service, he has yet to what he said out his mouth to me, any man that will lie on a good man will lie to a good man, all I have is my word and I stand on everything I say in this complaint

You can always make more money on earth, not more time, please believe though I only paid for a over priced ein number, and they have taken thousands from others, it don't matter because neither of us got what was promised

Regardless of when you call mark he is gonna claim the program just started and nobody has put the money in escrow and seen the tradelines post in ten days, he has no positive references, remember the through all of the people from the no money program under the bus, which included me, again he never did what was suppose to do for me

Because he greedy, he will take calls from numbers he never seen, but once you doing business you can't never catch him after he run the game on you, so when you want to catch him call him from another phone, he gonna pick or call right back, but he gonna avoid your call or claim he busy

since MARK with no last name can not provide one satifisied customer, here is one customer that knows he is a joke, this is my cell number [protected], my email is, i have nothing to hide, we can three way and talk to him, or tell him to conference call me and you and see what he says, or simply ask him, "why did you lie on dexter brady? where are his tradelines? whose to say you won't do the same tthing to me?"

please beware of MARK no last name of yeswecanfs and Rebecca Jones of Jonescorporatespecialties [protected], of course she will never answer the phone now and if you do a google search on "yeswecanfs" the links on the various webpages will say the page has been deleted, but if you go to bottom right and click on "cached" link directly under the main link it will show you the outdated page of services, right now only the number [protected] is there telling you to call

Before he lie and say he updating the page, I been doing business with him since march and the website is always changing, that's because they are on the run

If he tries to lie on me about anything I say in the complaint please give me a call, I have no problem facing the person I know is lying and scamming people, and what's funny he got the nerve to claim he a spiritual man, scamming money from a child of God is not Christlike, and using the phrase yes we can when we all associate that with our First Black President is disrepectful, and further puts us back as race of people, it makes you not trust nothing black people say in business, we have enough sterotypes to deal with we don't need more

oh yeah! ask him about Jeong, this is a client that contacted after rebecca jones took his money, she is his partner, though he will through her under the bus too, and wanted Jeong to pay more money for services they never did...

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