Mark Mcdugal / Wells Fargo Dealer Services

1 14356 gholson rd., Waco, TX, United States

Well, Thanks for nothing WellFargo Bank. Now we can thank Wells Fargo Dealer Services too. It was so easy to make my loan payments .For the simple reason the bank was only two blocks from my work. Now ill have to send my payment thur the mail. I know what your thinking... BIG DEAL. Just mail the payment. If that's what i need to do. Then so be it. But it seems a little stupid to me that a WellsFargo Bank wont take my payment. On a loan... That was written on WellsFargo paper... By a WellsFargo loan officer ... In a building with a big sign that says WELLSFARGO BANK...How dumb is that. Doesn't WellsFargo Bank own WellsFargo Dealer Survice. Why did thay change. How much money are thay making on this .. You can bet someone is . People are getting tired of your crap Wells Fargo. Oh but you dont care about your customers. And it showes . Just another one of your very un happy customers . Mark McDugal Waco Tx.

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