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Mark Etess Arena-Trump Taj Mahal / Abusive employee

1 Atlantic City, NJ, United States

Nov. 20, 2010 at an Earth, Wind, & Fire concert, an older black female employee wearing a blue shirt labeled "Strike Force" was extremely verbally abusive to the most benign visitor questions.She shouted any/all communications in a manner that seemed to be an attempt to escalate a dispute whereas she could exercise some aggressive agenda of her own.She would not let me finish a sentence shouting, "go to your seat and sit down!"The concert had 30 min. before starting.Afterward, while waiting by the souvenire stand she came to me yelling again.I tried to tell her I was waiting on someone and she began ordering me out of ther arena.I asked to speak to her supervisor after telling her I was alarmed at her behavior and especially after yelling, "Strike Force! to either call in her fellow goons or attempt to intimidate me.She pointed to a man standing nearby and then added, "a fire marshall".Was she trying to use someone she trusted to back her up - instead of calling an actual supervisor??I never saw a supervisor show up and the supposed fire marshall simply watched.I walked over to the souvenir stand while declaring she had no cause to force me out of the arena.I could hear her angrily mumbling behind me.Her bullying cannot be a surprise to her employer-this truly frightened me to see this kind of abuse could happen to someone as benign as myself in my own country and at my age! Absolutely anyone working with her is aware of her behavior and I'd bet the farm there been many complaints about her.The Taj Mahal never returned an email I sent asking for the address of the office this situation should be directed to.I can only assume that customer service has limits where they are concerned.Lastly, anyone going to this property needs to have a witness along with the phone number of an accessible attorney for your own protection.I have never felt my civil rights to be so threatened as that situation I have written about and I will never go to that property again.I was not drinking and was polite at all times-this will not protect you from this bully folks.

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